I love to share. SO much stuff. I love sharing resources. I love sharing things I feel connected. I love sharing stuff that is important to me. Although if you want to share my hot chips, you may get a chippy slap!

But I do love sharing stuff. I am not a “shhhh, don’t tell them about it because they might get more than you” or any other BS thing. I’m not a keep it to myself kinda chick…mostly.

So, because I love to share stuff each Friday I am going to get all “Friday Faves“.

So this Friday Faves, I want to share 5 of my fave heart touching songs!


Those songs that just hit me. Give me chills. Make me want to play it over and over because it speaks to me. The lyrics. The melody. The music. The feel. The art. The creative genius.

AND I would LOVE to hear your FRIDAY FAVES as well and hear if my faves vibes with your faves. 

Here we go.

*hands clapping really fast with excitement*

These are in no particular order…I mean, I can’t choose a favourite…they are like my children! And I have to say is was VERY hard choosing only 5. I think I would have to do Friday Faves for a year to cover al the songs that I love.

But we will start here.

Break The Shell – India Arie

Rise Up – Andra Day

Glow – Ella Henderson

Save the Hero – Beyonce

Lighthouse – The Waifs

I hope that your Friday is full of faves as well.

And please, I am not kidding, I would love to hear your Friday Faves. Share the love.

Big love



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