If I asked you, “You, where is the greatest place in the world?”

What would you say?

Ponder it for a moment.

I’ve been pondering it for a while now.

Initially, beautiful places I have travelled came to mind. Grand Canyon? Bali? Great Barrier Reef?

When I recall them, a big sense of nostalgia washes over me..well at least I imagine the that is what nostalgia feels like.

It is a sense of warm fuzz. Of places I have travelled. Folks I met there and on the way there. Yes, they feel like great places, but the ‘greatest’ place?

When people ask you about your ‘favourite this or most loved that’, are you like me and struggle to find an absolute?

There is a thing going around on Facebook recently, that is pretty cool. It is a list of questions to ask your children and write what their first response is to the questions. I must find that and do it with the kids. That would be a good keep sake.

Anyway, as I was doing some painting with our 9 year old,  using some of the most gorgeous colours I asked her, “9 year old, what is my favourite colour?” To which she says, “It depends on what you like at the moment mum. You never have a colour that is consistent”.

Ha! I chuckled. Yes. 1. She knows her mum well. 2. No, I don’t. My favourite colour does change. But that is me and I know that this is not everyone’s way. My hubby has had the same fave colour like all his life and in some ways I like that he has that certainty. That this is his fave colour. Locked and loaded. Done.

So when it comes to considering what I believe to be the greatest place in the world, where do I go? What comes to mind?

Google of course. Right?

Google tells me that there is over 12,000,000 results to that question. Good. I’ll see you in 25 years after I have read them all.

But since I don’t have the  time or inclination, here are a few pics that came up when I did the search. Yeah. I’d agree. They all look like pretty great places. But the greatest?

It’s completely subjective right? Each of us probably has a different ‘greatest place’. Oh how I would love to hear what others peoples greatest place int he world is.

But here is a thought. What if the greatest place isn’t somewhere we go?

I can’t know for sure but I reckon that Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher, author of “The Power of Now” and as Oprah calls him “a modern day prophet”, would say the the greatest place in the word is where ever you are.

Hmmm. I wonder though.

Let me just consider for a moment if I was in some other place in the world. If I was a mother, in Syria right now. I wonder if I would think that in that place, a place that since 2011 has been affected by civil war (um, and just quietly…I am no expert, but ins’t “civil war” and oxymoron?), that was the greatest place in the world . Millions upon millions of Syrian people have fled their homes since the outbreak of war. Government fighting against it’s people and people against the government and neither seems to care who gets killed in the process.

If I asked a mother who was in the midst of that war, would she say Paris is the greatest place in the world, or the Great Barrier Reef, or Machu Picchu? Or would a safe, warm and quiet place with your family be the greatest place in the world?

Sometimes I can get agitated thinking that I am not doing enough, haven’t done any thing GREAT ENOUGH with my life. That I want to find the greatest place in the world and then take my family there. I take myself away from what is already great and get agitated wanting more. More great.

And yet, as I am just about to finish this blog, I feel incredibly humbled. And softer. And more settled.

Right now, I am sitting comfortably. In a quiet building surrounded by some of my favourite things…which incidentally I predict will always be a favourite thing (books). There are people, they are calm. Quite. Whispering. Oh and some not whispering AT ALL. Which makes me smile. All sorts of folks are here. All colours. Heights. Ages. Doing all manner of things. Some typing busily. Some reading. Some writing. I am writing and I love writing. I feel happy. Content.

And after here, I am going to pick up my children, to take them back to a quiet, calm, spacious house surrounded by nature where we will debrief our days and chow down on food that we have been able to collect easily from our local market. If it too hot we can have cool showers with running water and even turn on the air-conditioning if we desire. Not long after, my husband, their daddy will arrive home after working to provide all the niceties in our lives. We will have a yummy dinner. Hugs each other. Tell some stories. Sing. Hopefully laugh in there somewhere. Then we will sleep in comfortable beds, under a safe roof…and dream.



So, not to sound poxy, or like a fluff pot just trying to make stuff up, but i gotta say, right now, I AM in the Greatest Place in the World.

So, I want to ask you….where do you think is the greatest place in the world.

Oh and PS..ask me again where the greatest place in the world is when the kids are arguing and the washing isn’t folding itself and homework needs done…by someone other than myself!

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