We Need to Talk

Women. Lets talk.

This hating on yourself because your life maybe didn’t pan out exactly as you planned. Stop!

Hating on yourself because you didn’t have a plan and things went a bit south! Enough!

Wishing you hadn’t over exerted yourself and wound up sick and or injured. QUIT IT.

Women. We have to stop the hating.

It just is not helping. Is it? I mean, all this hating on yourself, is it helping. Anyone?

I’ve been dong this Whole Hearted Parenting course, facilitated by Brene Brown, one of my mentors. One of the exercises asked us to examine some of the self talk we used to use at various ages along our journey.

Turns out, sadly, a lot of the talk I inherited early on. AND my mum and dad and I never talked about self talk. Like NEVER.

I kind of had an inhale moment when I thought about the possibility that my girls might take on my self talk. Like punch in the gut inhale.

Nope. Not that! Anything but that.

I had an eating disorder, an exercise addiction, a push myself till I drop addiction.

BUT I also had an outspoken, creative, funny as fuck part of me, that I failed to nurture along the way!

Yes, we are messy creatures us women. And thank fuck. I love neat, don’t get me wrong, but damn I love some mess.

Lets stop hating on ourselves for the stuff we think is NOT ok.

And instead, learn to love ALL of the aspects of ourselves and remember, that sure, we might not have got things comepltety sorted, but you know what, some of the stuff that we encounter that we feel like is IN THE WAY of a great life is actually ON THE WAY to the greatest life.

It’s an adventure women. A sometimes revoltingly scary one, but it is an adventure.

You need to know you are not alone in the woods. We are right here with you sweet women! We are all learning to love ourselves. Even like ourselves. So, no, those crazy thoughts you have, they don’t mean you are cray cray.

They just mean that you are human!

We love you human.

Be kind to yourself for fuck sake! It is COMPLETELY important!

Big love




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