I like to load up my life plate with all the good stuff. Adventures. Courses. Teachings. Parties. Events. All the good stuff.

A bit like my literal plate on Christmas Day when everyone pulls out their best delights to share with all of us.

Load up. I do. I did.

And, the process is filled with excitement and anticipation. All that yumminess. Right!?

e6251fab1d93529248308b3231638eacBUT the execution! Well it usually leaves me heavy and tired and regretful. Not to mention bloated.



I am notorious for this.

And I’ve come to see that there is this little limiting belief that sits in the very depths of my psyche.

It is the “I’ll miss out” program that runs.


FOMO the cool kids are calling it. Fear of Missing Out.

It’s a doozy one that one.

Mostly, it renders us stuck, purely because we end up completely overwhelmed and scattered.



Know that there is this little sinister voice that exists. Whispering away telling me that if I say no, it could mean that I am going to miss the most amazing opportunity like EVER! It whispers that I am going to fall behind. Miss my chance. My time.




I am so glad that I have woken up to the voice. As quiet as it was.

And aren’t our internal voices a bit like that.

5990f4aa4ac4a825919fe91f48705896.jpgThey kind of creep up behind you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Often when you are consumed with doing something else, so you can’t really hear it, clearly!

It isn’t like someone yelling right in your face. Making a whole big scene. It is the gentle, sinister whispers. Seeping deep.

So we load ourselves up. Believing we need to to more. Be more. Get more.

Load up. Load up.

Well, this year, 2017 I am de-loading. PROPER.

Saying no to some things has felt like such a pain in my body. Like Proper.

Not because it isn’t the right thing for me right now, but because I am so used to saying YES.

I am the yes master. The ‘sure that will be fine’ chick.

But, I am now, not that.

So, if I say yes to you, know that it is a proper yes. Not a people pleasing, superwoman, I can do everything kind of yes. It is a true yes.

And it might be a yes that has required me to marinate on it for a while.

Just trust that we can talk about that shizzle.

And if I say no, it is NOT a personal thing. Not your personal thing anyway. It is my personal thing.

And it might not be a complete no either. It might be a “no, not yet” kinda deal. So, lets not feel rejected.

So, I am clear. I am focussed on what my heart desires and most importantly, WHY.


2017…lets dance!

Yes, I’ll trip. Yes, I’ll fall. I’ll stumble. But I am dancing! I am dancing! And that is what dancing is full of. We’ll just make it part of the dance!

You dancing with me?

Big, big love!



  1. Jen! I love this, well done woman! I have been not following my FOMO for some time, sometimes I listen and get sucked in only to realise why I stay out of it (again!). Sometimes I get sucked in by everyone else getting sucked in, only to be disappointed (again). Sometimes I feel like I have missed opportunities or I have boxed myself in with my no’s but then I remind myself often of why I choose what I choose, even though it is so different to others on a number of occasions, because I am me, I am not them. And I am dancing, lurve dancing!! When one’s perception shifts so completly they then know that to give in to the FOMO will in fact bring about the actual missing out – well then the party has started!! Keep going, you are doing so well. With much love and support xoxox

    1. Dance on sista. Dance on. Cha. Cha. Cha! FOMO isn’t FOMO when I’m clear on what I want. Well, I am sure I will have doubts along the way and enticements, but I am open to direction change as well, if that’s what brings me more joy! Dancing. Prancing. Living! We got pretty lucky in this life right??? Always great to hear from you! You’re doing awesome too! We are! xx

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