The first day of 2016 I was sick. Some say hungover, and while there may have been some of that in there, ok, there would have been, I was also in the midst of what I soon came to see was a pretty yuk virus that consumed me for the first part of the year.

But I wasn’t to know that is how the year would go.

It wasn’t a jinx. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the perfect start to the year. It was as it was. And I had to learn how to navigate it. And really, isn’t that what life is. A navigation of terrain?

Aren’t we all just finding our own way through life the best way we can?

This year, on the first day of 2017 I don’t feel sick. I feel inspired. Motivated. Energised.

On the last day of 2016, we decided we would celebrate in a way that honoured us. Our family. Our unit. And we decided to do it our way. A different way. That didn’t involve over indulgence and too  much alcohol.

We wanted to be present. To start the new year in a new way.

And we did.

We saw a movie with the kids. We went as a family, which we seldom do.

We had a dinner where we got to choose what we each wanted to eat. We had a mixed pot of all kinds of foods, and it was fun. And funny. And hot. Queensland summer. Phew.

15826040_10154053420971689_5998050688964976355_n.jpgAnd we had a single glass of wine. Not a whole bottle. A glass. And we enjoyed it. Not the kids. They didn’t have wine though!

The kids played. And laughed and drove computerised cars.

And we saw the fireworks. Close up. Not miles away. But right there. And we all smiled.

We came home and the kids fell into bed and hubby and I watched Ricky Gervais work his creative magic, talked about the year that was and went to bed.

The biggest lesson for me in 2016 is I am allowed to choose for me. It isn’t selfish. It isn’t self indulgent. It doesn’t mean I don’t love other people and want the best from them. The opposite in fact. It is because I love them, I choose myself first, so I don’t end up being resentful and bitter. No one wins if that happens.

My family is my second priority, after myself. And while I am sure there will be gasps from the crowd, after having 2016 wiped out by illness I saw first hand what happens when mumma isn’t at her optimum. And it isn’t fun.

I am so looking forward to a happy and healthy, healthy and happy, adventurous 2017! Who knows what ups and downs are ahead, but I know that I have had the training. I have done the work.

So, I am up for a big shizzle kind of year!!


Lets create!

Big, big love


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