I am so ridiculously passionate this!

I am just so, so passionate about it, I want to talk about it all day!

I want to talk about folks finding their own way.

Like proper. Like for real. Their own way. Their own vibe. Their own freaking way.

Not their parents way. Not their friends way. Not their cultures way. THEIR OWN FREAKING WAY. And I want them to LOVE it!

But it seems that most of us want to be ‘like’ someone else. They might vibe with someone so much, that they lose sense of themselves. And get lost in, “oh, that, I want to be like that person”.

It seems most of us look over the fence at what other people are like and at what other people are doing and end up feeling shit about themselves!

Peering over looking at the garden of others!

And the garden that is ours, well it gets neglected. We are so busy peering over the fence at the garden of our admitted one, that we forget to weed and prune out own garden.

We live on acreage. And we have about an acre that is unused and kinda, well not ever kinda, it is very ‘natural’. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. IF that is how you want it to be.

Most nights we step outside to watch sunset. Out trees light up with the dusky sun and it is, just, heaven!

While we are out there, we can see our neighbours garden. It is proper awesome. It is completed. It is glowingly green. It isn’t ours.

I am no gardener. Really, I am not. Neither is hubby, but don’t tell him I told you.. *winky face*.


For like, 4 years, my hubby and I have been talking about what we ‘might’ do and ‘could’ do and ‘should’ do and 4 years later…it is pretty much the same.

We just are not gardeners. It is not our strength set. And it actually isn’t enough of a drive for us to make it our strength set.

There is opportunity to be mean to ourselves and feel like failures or we just accept we have strengths in other areas. And not just strengths, but loves. And we best get on with building that shizzle.

Instead of comparing our garden to our neighbours garden, instead we find inspiration.

We are getting in someone to help us with our garden, and we love that.

We love that we get to learn something off someone who’s strength is landscape architecture!

To grow our garden the way we want it, we need some help!

We just do.

To grow my own life garden (you know how I use the metaphor thing) I need help too!

We are not meant to be like anyone else. We are meant to find out who we REALLY are and get on with the business of that.

And sometimes we need support with that. God knows I do.


So precious, do you know who you really are? Do you know your strengths? Do you know your gifts? Do you know what you are on this planet for?

If you aren’t sure, give yourself a break. Turns out, most humans actually don’t.

If you want to know more about who you are…let me know. I have a pumping little resource department and a bunch of folks who are keen to vibe with you to help you out.

One life peeps. You won the lotto to be in the planet as a human! What y’all doing with that one shot?

Oh, and if FEBRUARY 2017 I am running a series of ‘getting to know you better’ workshops that you might vibe with. If you want to know more, please email me in the little thing below and I can let you know more about it!

Big, big love!





  1. Love it Love it Love it…but its that old “comparison” hat that keeps digging away at our little heads and hearts. Those sneaky little niggles that get you when you are vulnerable. I am getting better with acknowledging them and noticing them and then wondering why I am thinking like this. As you say its a learning process and unfortunately, its been built into so many of us from such a young age “to be more like her”.. or “to do what they are doing”… or “to act like that”… but hopefully with the continued checking in and the beautiful reminders and notes from you this little world of ours will slowly change to be more accepting, more loving and more forgiving. Love your work MO … have an awesome day gorgeous lady. x

    1. I hear you Pip. It is SO easy to get into comparison ville. SO easy. Do you remember the days when we only had Dolly and Cosmo and Elle to compare ourselves to? Now, there is just no escaping the comparisons. They are like EVERYWHERE! And, what I notice about myself and others, is when you are guided by your OWN North star, your OWN direction, the sparkles of other stars absolutely catch our attention, but we can refocus and keep headed in the direction we have plotted. I do it. In fact, I don’t many humans who don’t from time to time. The cure, again, is to notice what is catching our attention. There is something that wants to grow in us, like those we are attracted to or by. YOU are a beautiful inspiration to SO many, just showing up with your sparkle. YOUR sparkle. There is NO sparkle like yours. Biggest love. <3

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