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This is How We Did it….

At this time of the year as we are full steam ahead into 2017, it is easy to just want to leave behind 2016 and I know some people are even wanting to give 2016 the bird and tell it to eff right off. And for some, rightly so. I get a sense that most of us just want to leave the past in the past and be done with it. And move the eff on.

And I get it.

For many, it was a particularly tough year. No doubt there have been some wondrous events too. You are likely to have had some setbacks and struggles. We’ve had some trips and falls and made some mistakes along the way.

But lets not underestimate the power of learning from our mistakes. I mean I remember the kids bringing home something early in the year that said, “If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t learning”. When did we think that we were beyond making mistakes? Anyway, that is a whole new exploration.

There is however a wisdom to be mined from the last 12 months. Even if looking back wards might seem a little painful.

Often, hiding right in front of us are uncelebrated and important accomplishments. Hard won lessons you’d be wise to learn from as to not repeat.

We all tend to move quite quickly through life no days. Pretty much not a day goes by when I don’t hear someone say how busy they are or how fast the year is going.

Often moving at this pace, we neglect to stop and digest and acknowledge how far we have come. I am so guilty of this.

And, due to this pace I wonder if perhaps we are holding even some chronic emotional baggage that ready to be released and let go. Often we put everything before allocating some time to sit and notice where we are holding on to crap that doesn’t serve us.

Just like cupboards in the house that we keep saying, “I must clean that out” and instead we just go and buy more crap that has no where to go. So, the clearing out process is so important.

So lets REFLECT!

194e2e44ade799af36e9faecdb2c096eWhat did you do, create or experience this year that you are really proud of? If it helps, maybe you could close your eyes and do a month by month review and see what you can see that gives you a physical sensation asking you to pay attention.

They might be big things, they might be small things, but something that YOU made happen this year. A decision you made, an adventure you took, something you created or experienced. Think about it, but most importantly, write it down.

The reason that this is so important is that usually as humans we are incredibly critical of ourselves. We look at everything we didn’t get done or didn’t do well enough or accomplish enough or produce enough and wind up heading into the new year feeling deflated and defeated.

If you are thinking, I’ve got nothing, consider small things like tough conversations you have had with friends, or dinners you have created, or meetings you have attended or a trip you took.

Take a few moments and then write it down.

The next step is one that is really really, really important one that we often overlook in the reflection process.

What mistakes did I make that taught me something?

This one can be a tricky one sometimes because often the first place we go to when we make a mistake is to beat ourselves up with all kinds of negative smack talk.. But at this time with a little bit of space and distance we can gain a bit of perspective.

So maybe look a thing that just didn’t go so well, or as you planned and ask, what mistakes did I make and what did I learn. How can I use these mistakes?

This allows us to transform what we might think is a putzy thing to do that we kind of circle and circle around smacking ourselves in the head about, into something that we can leverage as a learning. Life is always teaching us. And mistakes are all a part of it.

So, what mistake or mistakes did you make this year that taught you something?

Write it down.


61ffde29ea2d1579c0ca99dd8a78163e.jpgThe next part of this process is asking ourselves;

What am I willing to let go of?

Oh my jiminy cricket, this is a big one.

I am one of those people who tends to love to get rid of things…after they have amounted up and I just can’t stand it any more. My husband is someone who gets rid of stuff ALL THE TIME. I love that about him.

It is time that we let go of the crap that is holding us back. Some of us get a little commitment constipation. Blocked up with commitments. Oh the pain!

So, we need to start with a commitment clean out.

What are the goals, the projects the languages you thought you might learn….that have been hanging around and around on your to do list for YEARS that you just never seem to get around to. This is telling! What can you get out of, or release or just plain old drop like a hot potato?

Seriously, lets get rid of any project that is no longer aligned with who you are right now or who you want to be in the future.

THEN we gotta take it inside. Because there is always some stuff lingering around in there that is getting in the way. Cluttering us up. Clogging the system.

What resentments, what anger, what pissy things and hurts are you willing to let go of. What kind of guilt or shame or embarrassments have you been hanging on to?
When we clear this, it is like an emotional ejection.

Lets keep going. What stories are you telling that no longer serve you? Maybe its a story like, you’re too old or getting too old to start a new thing. Or, you never create things fast enough. Or, you are a slow learner. Or you are not successful enough.

Who might you be if you completely let go of those disempowering stories?

Rumi, the great poet says, “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop”.

c68aa53decb3327fc494e1b8bb10f65bOften, it isn’t until you release something and let it go that you see how it has been holding you back.

So, that story, that thing that keeps rattling around keeping you stuck, write that story down.

If your story is I’m not smart enough, or, I’m never going to get it….it is time to release that.

Remember, who would you be without that story??

So, then what we did was write it down on a leaf. No, for real. To represent the dead leaf dropping.

Then we walk in silence down to the waters edge. Where the waves run in and out. Just like our emotions. Just like life. Ebb and flow.

We thank our stories for serving us this far. As we stand at the edge of the water, we ask that just like our tears wash away our pains, the ocean wash away our stories.

As we release the stories, in your own way, we open space for new and refreshed stories to write themselves.

And release the leaf into the ocean.

We cut the energetic cord to our emotions. We don’t want to have this as our story anymore.

So, I invite you to:

Reflect on what you are most proud of this year, what lessons you learnt from a mistake you made and what story you are willing to let go of that no longer serves you!


be864d8ef4af05e4500f45f864ab3d8b.jpgAfter we have cleaned out our cupboards, we want to only put in there, things that are going to be used. That are going to energise us. That are meaningful to us. That serve us.

So, to do this, we have to dig deep into our hearts and explore what is in there that really, really wants to be experienced.

What is it that in my heart of hearts do I want to bring into my life going forward.

Do I want to be compassionate? Do I want to be more adventurous? Do I want to change careers? Do I want to move my body in a fun way? Do I want to win an academy award? Financial abundance? Do you want to join the circus?

What is your thing?

What calls you?

What does your ideal day look like?

Ask for it. Invite it in. You have the space now. Lets order up!

Don’t ask, don’t get!

And I don’t necessarily believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. I mean, there is no way on this planet that this 40 year old woman is going to be able to sprint 100mts in less than 10 seconds. It isn’t possible for me.

But I can move my body to the best of it’s ability in a fun and strengthening way.

Find what it is that you want in your life. What is important to you and ask for it to have space.

I sincerely hope this supports you on your way finding adventure!

If you are still unclear as to what all this self awareness is about, expect more on that thoughout the year from me. I’ll be writing, and teaching at various places, so keep an eye out on my calendar or the events section of my website.

If you have any questions, please ask. They are my favourite things to receive. Apart from hugs!

Big love







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I Needed This Today.

Morning beauties.

2 weeks of 4 am wake up calls and this mumma is pretty tired!

So, today…

Not a long winded blog today.

No ideas about how to improve today. Or you.

No stories.

No pep talks.

Just something to make you feel better. And if you are feel great, even more better-er!

Just a message of love to you from me in the way of a song.

From me to you. Yuna wrote this song for you! Rescue!

“Yeah, she’s got light in her face”……

Ahhhh, how good does it feel to groove to this song?

Big love to you!


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Beauties.  Hello!!

2016 is about to be gently let go to the ocean very soon. And when I contemplate the year, I have gone from feeling agitated and disappointed to so grateful and ridiculously blessed.

It’s been a ‘different’ kind of year for me this year.

It probably wasn’t exactly the year I had planned.

But then again…maybe it was.

At the beginning of the year, I talked to the universe about growth. About my growth.

I asked that I be presented with opportunities to grow. Personally, professionally and spiritually.

On New Years Day I was spewing my guts up. Some say it was a hang over, but I was feeling like proper sick. Happy god damn new year right?

Not too long after that, one Sunday I felt really tired with a headache, laid down on my bed at 5pm and didn’t get out of bed until 7am the following morning. I didn’t move a muscle overnight. My neck couldn’t turn when I woke.

The result. Viral Meningitis. How? well, turned out I had contracted the (as I have come to experience) very debilitating virus, Ross River Virus.

The insult to my body was pretty significant. The immense stress it put on me, meant that my hormones went ‘stoooopid’ and as a result of that, wound up with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome!




This doesn’t happen to me!

Well, turns out, when you are human, lots of human stuff can happen. You would think I would know that by now. And looking around in our world, it seems it does. A LOT.

And by the looks of it when stuff does happen, we are left with a few choices.

We can be pissed at the universe (I did that).
We can be disappointed that we didn’t bypass this shizzle (did that too).
We can think that we have done something wrong and are being punished (thanks to years of religious dogma…me too).
We can see that this stuff that happens to us, has the capacity to strengthen us..(got there in the end).
We can use the experience to ask, “What is here for me to learn?”. “How can this experience help me grow?” BINGO!


This year has taught me a lot and like I requested, has helped me grow.

Life doesn’t appear to notice good and bad in terms of the evolution of our experience. It just responds to what we need. And most of what we need we aren’t clear on until it presents. Packaged in bows sometimes and in bags of shit on others!

It has taught me that we are fragile us humans, and we really need to take care of ourselves. Especially as women. In fact, women…we need to be more gentle!

It has taught me that we are all in this together. This messy, creative, upsy downy thing called life.

That asking for support is an act of bravery. But mostly, asking for support is accepting that things need to change and we may not have the capacity to do that alone.

It reminded me acupuncture rocks my world.

It taught me that friends matter. And the kind of friends we allow into our hearts matter.

It taught me that our body has more wisdom than we acknowledge. More than I acknowledge.

It taught me that my body is not how it looks. Never. It is always how it feels. To me!

It taught me that rest is not just an idea, it is a compulsory requirement for most humans!  It is an act of divine responsibility actually! Especially this human!

It taught me that my complete desire and nature state is to create stuff that I feel compelled to do.

96875c8e3676e5d47cbe0282727b626fIt reminded me that my family is the most cherished thing to me. Always. 

It has taught me that we only have one life. One! In this body. This time around.

It jolted me to be reminded that we are all dying. All of us. So, best we get on with living a life that is filled with what is important to us.

It taught me that the world will still turn, irrespective of my contribution to it. It really will.

It taught me that books are the quiet support, offering inspiration and encouragement and ask nothing in return. Our own private, intimate counselling.

It reminded me that I WILL make mistakes. And I am brave enough to try shit so I will have the opportunity to make more…and will grow!

It taught me that falling, is not punishment, it is a strength building exercise!


And many, many, many more!

In my down time this year in my recovery phase I had some much needed time and space to do a bit of a life inventory.

And what I discovered is it is my absolute love and desire to create. Create stuff that I feel inspired to. Stuff that I want to share with other humans, with the intention to create a positive impact on the people it touches.

My acupuncturist said to me, You are just like an artist. An artist creates an artwork and when that canvas in complete they move on to the next creation.

I believe we are all like that.

I believe we are all unlimited in our capacity to create.

We’ve just lost our way by believing the story that there are ‘creative’ people and ‘not creative’ people. I believe there are people who use their creativity consciously and those who don’t!

It is people who follow the curiosities that ignite a spark in their soul!

I jotted down some of my creations for 2016:

  • Soul Oxygen Retreat.
  • Article on the “BS of Busy” for an international magazine.
  • Interview with a New Zealand Wellness Writer.
  • “Mother and Daughter Creative Connection” workshops.
  • More one on one clients
  • A “Love Letter Project”, sending more random love letters out into the world. That project found me in the local paper and on the radio.
  • Writing to you on my blog
  • Creation of “The Gathering”. Space for women to come and share, and connect and love.
  • Creation of “Get Your Drum On” workshop
  • And We will close 2016 out with a “New Moon Ceremonial Collective”.

I’m not listing all this stuff to boast, I am listing it because I want to illustrate that creating stuff to help facilitate the growth of others is what I do. And next year will be no exception.

But a few things will change next year and I’ll be filling you in after Christmas on all the exciting changes I plan to implement.

I am in the process of exploring all the possibilities available and allowing my body to inform me if it is a YES or a NO.

jen-14At the moment a BIG YES is to writing my book and to creating space for other writers to gather as well.

If you feel like you might want to explore your creative in 2017, if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to sign up to my newsletters and you’ll be up to speed with where I am at.

2016 isn’t over yet, so I am sure I’ll be back before the end.

Big, big love


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Who Would Have Thought?

Right now, it’s 9am and I am still in my PJ’s and I. STINKING. LOVE. IT.

School holidays baby!

I’m reflecting own the year that was. I usually do that. But sometimes it can seem overwhelming and a bit like, “I don’t really want to go there” because sometimes I just don’t want to look at some of the ‘stuff’. Especially the stuff that I may have perceived didn’t go so well.

So this year I am using Marie Forleo’s 3 questions. Totally achievable for me!

Message me if you want the questions, or just check her website out here.

The first question is, “What one thing you did that you’re proud of”?

I closed my eyes and let my inner knowing take me where it wanted to go.

Flowing through my mind like water let out of the dam walls.

After a while, it slowed and meandered through the fine creeks.

And there it rested in a space that both surprised me and filled my heart.

This year I turned 40. In May. It feels like a long time ago that it happened now, because from January to July I was completely out of my zone.

At the beginning of the year I had viral meningitis related to Ross River Virus and I ended up with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome from all the stress that that experience had had on me.

The result.

I couldn’t exercise. I didn’t care what I was eating because I didn’t have the energy to care. I had to let go of a lot of work. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t mentor. I could barely walk. I couldn’t take the kids to school. I couldn’t pick them up. I couldn’t help with their homework. I couldn’t help out my mates.

I couldn’t see the gift in it at the time.

I was pissed.

At the universe. At my body. At the mosquito. At life. At the sun. At the rain. Pissed.

I was ill, but I wanted to feel better.

I knew deep in me somewhere I knew that it was going to take kindness, because god knows I have seen first hand what happens when we are mean. When we push. When we ignore ourselves. When we put on a mask of ‘I’m great thank you’. When we judge ourselves for falling ill. Like there is something fundamentally wrong with us. When we do that, we deny ourselves and our ability to feel what we are required to feel. As humans.

And when we don’t feel what is true for us, we get ill. I believe that. It is like truth trying to shake us awake. We are not paying attention to our authentic selves! But that is a whole other blog!

I was ill, but I wanted to feel better.

I knew it was going to take love to heal this. Being kind to myself while I was like I was. Doing activities I love. Activities of love….heal.  Our own love.

My loves.

I love acupuncture. So I did that.

I love singing. So I joined a singing group.

I love hanging with the fam. So, I did that. They climbed up on to the bed (where I spent a lot of time) and read to me. Told me stories of their days. Hubby cooked for us. And cleaned for us. And worked for us.

I love learning new things. So I propped my computer on a stool next to my bed and watched TED talk after TED talk. About healing. About death. About joy. About loss. About being an acrobat.

I love hanging with my soul friends. So I let them whisk me away for an amazing celebration for my 40th birthday! So blessed.

I love stepping outside my comfort zones, and so, I booked in to have professional photos done for my website.

I love spending time away from the usual life stuff. So, hubby sent me to Gwinganna for my birthday. Somewhere I had wanted to go like forever. Blessed.

I love creating workshops and so we did. Mother and Daughter Creative Connection. The Gathering. Drumming.

I love facilitating retreats for mums. Done!

The water of my mind caressed all of these moments.


What would you guess my most proud moment was?


Who of you would have thought the thing I would be most proud of was having my photo’s taken for my website? Well, when I consider my life journey, it makes a lot of sense.

Most of my life I have felt so down on myself about the state of my physical state. It’s appearance. Its intolerance for some foods. It’s shape. It’s everything. Insert eating disorders. Insert exercise addiction. Insert self attack. And then, when I feel like I had come such a long way and was feeling healthy….it let me down getting so ill…well!

So, for some, it wouldn’t be a big deal stepping in front of a camera. But for me, when I took the massive step of getting in front of a camera IT WAS HUGE!

Everything in me would normally say NO. “You’re not thin enough. You’re not fit enough. You’re not ready” Unless I was 10kgs lighter. Or fitter. Or thinner. Or younger, or…

But, I knew that part of my healing would come from this.

And it did.

But truth be known though, if it wasn’t for the photographer and her love and support, I would have pulled the pin. I absolutely know that.

I really feel that if we all had the opportunity to be guided through the process of capturing our real essence, our real selves, not the artificially done up self, then we all should have that.

If you are looking to challenge yourself next year, to take yourself out of your comfort zone, to do something just for you, or for your business I cannot recommend Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography enough. I CANNOT. It was a meeting of deep connection, where both of us received what we needed.

The universe is kind like that.

I am so proud I took this opportunity.

I am so proud I didn’t turn around when it started to rain.

I am so proud I allowed myself to feel the discomfort and do it anyway.

I am so proud I stayed true to me and chose an AMAZING make up artist to support me.

I am proud that I was able to unwrap the gifts my illness has brought me and continues to bring me.

Thanks to my sickness for so many things.

NOW, we’d love to hear what you are most proud of this year. No comparison. No judgement. No better than’s. Just you.

Share in the comments so we can all be proud with you!





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Brooks, you reminded me why I do what I do. Thank you sweet one!

2017 is like so close I am almost able to reach out and touch it.

This time of the year, things slow down for me so much with the kids being on holidays for 2 months! And fortunately our fam has managed to create a life that mostly means I can work around the family. That I can still be the primary parent. I know the parenting job….it won’t be that long and I will be made redundant from! So I savour it right now!

This year went pretty fast for me.

Did this year just seem to fly by for you??

Perhaps if the old saying, “Time flies when you are having fun” is true? Is the reason this year has just flown been because you have been having too much fun?

Yeah, I see you roll your eyes at me. I see you sigh. I see you want to stop reading now!

Sunday night I watched, “The Shawshank Redemption”. A movie that is in my top 3 of all time movies. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. As I type this I feel like I want to watch it again.

Each time I get little heart pops. Different each time.

This time, the moment that gripped me the most was watching the journey of the beloved Brooks. A man who had been imprisoned for 50 years. 50 whole years! Can you even imagine being imprisoned for that long??


Brooks was a man that in the jail, he felt safe. He was respected by the other inmates. He had a respectable ‘job’ in the prison as the library clerk. He had a pet crow who sat wit him as he worked. He had his routine. He had a predictable life. Not an ideal life, but he felt safe and not afraid. The walls had become his friend. The other prisoners were not just his friends, they were his family. His only family.

After 50 long years, he was released. Out from behind those walls out in to a completely different world. The world he was plunged into that was the 1950’s . What struck me and made me grin in a letter to his prison family, “Things are just moving too fast out here. I had seen a picture of an automobile but I didn’t know there were so many. People are in such a rush”. The pace of the world was relative to a man that had not witnessed the change of pace. I am sure it was like coming out of a warm bath into a freezing ice bath!

The world outside the walls was just too much for Brooks. He wanted to return to his safe place. His home. His predictable. His safe. His family. His friends. Despite all his freedom, he wanted to hide away behind the walls where it was quiet and safe.

And I really felt for him. And I really get it.

In my 20’s I made a transition for a couple of years from being a Registered Nurse to have the experience of being a Community Corrections Officer. My case load was made up of what was classified as High Risk Offenders. Folks who were on their last legs before prison and folks who had been in prison a long time and were on Parole.


I spent a lot of time listening to folks about their lives. How they got to where they are. Listening to the challenges that faced them going forward. Their fears. And they were indeed challenges. It was my job to help support folks so that they stay out of prison. Resources. Support networks. Life skills training. Anger management training. Building connections. So that they might be thriving members of our community. Proper contributing folks.

It was a tough enough job for me. And I can’t imagine how tough it was for them!

Now days, I spend most of my days with people who are brave enough to explore the lives and or personal prisons that they have created. I spend time listening to folks tell me about how they want to change the life they have created. I spend time helping people to live on the outside of their personal prisons. Which for the most part are belief patterns that keep us stuck.

Exploration. A lot of light holding. Resources. Networks. Life skills training. Anger acceptance support. Building connections. So that they might be thriving members of our community.

And like the actual prisoners, it isn’t easy street.

Some, really brave souls step outside their prisons. They see the light and they know that they are going to have to make some changes. They know they are going to have to make some new friends. They know they are going to need support. They know they might need a new job.  And yes, all that might be challenging because they have been in prison for such a long time. They have to navigate a new way of being in the world. And sitting with all those parolees, I know it is uncomfortable as hell.

Some simply cannot bare it. And they re-offend just to go back to prison.

Some simply NEVER want to go back!

They just don’t want to go back. And because they don’t want to go back, they do what they need to do to stay outside the walls. And it’s work. It is!

God knows there are times when I find myself back in prison in my mind. It’s dark in there. I don’t hang there too long because I have tasted freedom. It is however….familiar there. Even comforting at times.

And I get it.

Brooks reminded me.

The way that we have built our lives, even if they aren’t ideal, they are predictable. Safe, even if they are uncomfortable.

Brooks knew how the days would play out. He had been doing it long enough after all. And sure, there were some uncomfortable experience from time too time with new inmates, or new prison staff, but for the most part, he knew the prison he was in. I completely understand why he wanted to go back. He felt alone. He felt like he didn’t belong. And for all I know, his home really was the prison. That is where he was meant to spend his life. That was his happy place.

It certainly wasn’t Andy Dufresne happy place…he wanted out and far out did he do the work. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it, but Andy held the dream, held the vision and held the HOPE that he would make it on the outside and tiny bit, by tiny bit, day after day, he made progress. And he never let that go.


Andy was dedicated to spending his time dreaming and scheming of a life outside the prison. The walls however, became his friend while he was there and used them to serve his dream. While he made friends, he was prepared to leave it and them all behind for his dream…and when you see the ripple affect of him following his dream…well, you’ll get it!

There is freedom in our dreams. I know when we feel imprisoned, trapped by the way we have built our lives there is a feeling that you can never reach them. I know that when you feel safe with the friends and family you have, you are afraid that you will lose them if you leave the prison. But actually, you may see that there are friends that want to leave their prisons of their minds too. And oh the fun you will have.

As 2017 nears, it is a great time to take a look at the life that you have built. Does it feel like freedom or does it feel like prison?

And if it feels like a prison, don’t be an arsehole to yourself. You did what humans do. Forget to check in and see if you are creating a life, or letting it create you. It’s ok and it can change. Little but, by little bit. If you really want it to.


What are you willing to do to live a life that is right for you?

For Brooks, it was to stay in the prison.

For Andy, he wanted to be free.

Neither is right. Both are life choices.

We get to choose.

What do you choose?

If you want to make 2017 a year of creation, of freedom and of authentic expression, I’d love to hear about it!

What are your dreams? I you don’t know your dreams, lets talk..Lets bounce. Lets see if we can ignite the flame again. It’s in you, it really is.

Do you agree with what I am on about, or do you have another perspective. I’d love to hear that too.

Pop a comment in the box below.

Speak kindly to yourself

Big, big love





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I Just AM Ridiculously Passionate About it…..

I am so ridiculously passionate this!

I am just so, so passionate about it, I want to talk about it all day!

I want to talk about folks finding their own way.

Like proper. Like for real. Their own way. Their own vibe. Their own freaking way.

Not their parents way. Not their friends way. Not their cultures way. THEIR OWN FREAKING WAY. And I want them to LOVE it!

But it seems that most of us want to be ‘like’ someone else. They might vibe with someone so much, that they lose sense of themselves. And get lost in, “oh, that, I want to be like that person”.

It seems most of us look over the fence at what other people are like and at what other people are doing and end up feeling shit about themselves!

Peering over looking at the garden of others!

And the garden that is ours, well it gets neglected. We are so busy peering over the fence at the garden of our admitted one, that we forget to weed and prune out own garden.

We live on acreage. And we have about an acre that is unused and kinda, well not ever kinda, it is very ‘natural’. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. IF that is how you want it to be.

Most nights we step outside to watch sunset. Out trees light up with the dusky sun and it is, just, heaven!

While we are out there, we can see our neighbours garden. It is proper awesome. It is completed. It is glowingly green. It isn’t ours.

I am no gardener. Really, I am not. Neither is hubby, but don’t tell him I told you.. *winky face*.


For like, 4 years, my hubby and I have been talking about what we ‘might’ do and ‘could’ do and ‘should’ do and 4 years later…it is pretty much the same.

We just are not gardeners. It is not our strength set. And it actually isn’t enough of a drive for us to make it our strength set.

There is opportunity to be mean to ourselves and feel like failures or we just accept we have strengths in other areas. And not just strengths, but loves. And we best get on with building that shizzle.

Instead of comparing our garden to our neighbours garden, instead we find inspiration.

We are getting in someone to help us with our garden, and we love that.

We love that we get to learn something off someone who’s strength is landscape architecture!

To grow our garden the way we want it, we need some help!

We just do.

To grow my own life garden (you know how I use the metaphor thing) I need help too!

We are not meant to be like anyone else. We are meant to find out who we REALLY are and get on with the business of that.

And sometimes we need support with that. God knows I do.


So precious, do you know who you really are? Do you know your strengths? Do you know your gifts? Do you know what you are on this planet for?

If you aren’t sure, give yourself a break. Turns out, most humans actually don’t.

If you want to know more about who you are…let me know. I have a pumping little resource department and a bunch of folks who are keen to vibe with you to help you out.

One life peeps. You won the lotto to be in the planet as a human! What y’all doing with that one shot?

Oh, and if FEBRUARY 2017 I am running a series of ‘getting to know you better’ workshops that you might vibe with. If you want to know more, please email me in the little thing below and I can let you know more about it!

Big, big love!