I recently wrote about my anxiety in social settings when someone asks, “So Jen, what is you do?”

For years I hated this, for like years.

And even though I am fine with saying, “at the moment I am doing blah”, there has always been this part of me that really wanted to fit into a ‘normal’ box. I wanted to fit a label. I really did. And part of me, the social aspect of me, the want to fit in aspect of me, really wants a nice, title.

As I’ve explored the need for this, it really is about not owning all of the parts of me, all the parts. In a subject at school, most likely maths, although, probably not because I didn’t pay too much attention in there, or in a book I read or something somewhere I remember hearing these words and for some reason they stuck with me.

“A whole is a sum of it’s parts”.

That sounds kinda maths class-ish huh? Maybe that day my friends were away and I didn’t have anyone to flap my gums at.

A whole is a sum of it’s parts.

The journey to wholeness, to wellness is as best I have worked out so far, about embracing the ‘all’ of us. Not just the shiny, lovely, socially applicable parts of us, but the dark and moody, PMSy, sobby, imperfect parts too.

What if I embrace my attraction to shiny-object-otis as a part of my wholeness?!

What if I open up to the possibility that I love SO many things is such a strength because it makes my life rich and colourful and not ground hog day!

What if I bathe in the beauty of the experiences I am likely to open myself up to because I love new things, new ideas new adventures! I mean, what isn’t to like about that?

What if because I am ok with being a scattered, sometimes ADD kind of human and actually LIKE that about myself, it allows others to like aspects that they may have judged we wrong? That would be cool right?

Oh, and how about embracing all the awesome stuff too? We aren’t up ourselves to celebrate our strengths. Oh and on that, if I asked you, “Beauty, what are your strengths”? what would you tell me. Like straight away. Not like, “Um, well, I’ll have to have a think about it…like right now?”

If you can’t do that, guuurl, we needs to talk! I can help you sort that shizzle out!

Now, what if we, you and I, what if we can like ourselves through the dissatisfaction we are experiencing right now? Or the uncertainty? Or the “god help me I am going crazy” part?

And what if we are able to be whatever the heck we want to be? Even if people look at us like we have gone mad. Or that we are flaky. Or that we are a change-our-minds-1-billion-times-a-holic?

Clarity comes from engagement, not from thinking about it or talking about it endlessly.


What if we agree to feel the discomfort and move on anyway! Together!

What if I am a multi-passionate creator and what if you are too?

If you are feeling scattered or not sure if you can lock yourself into a ‘box’ or ‘title’ maybe Marie T’V’s episode today will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief, just like it did me when I watched it!

I actually watched it like ages ago and watching it again I got an even deeper exhale!

The whole point to this life I have come to see, is learning to know yourself, grow yourself and like yourself.

Oh and give zero ducks about what other people think…unless they are in the same place as me, then I am keen to hear their duck!!

So, if we want to be whole beings, we gotta be ok with the parts. All the parts. Our parts. To actually like our parts. It’s a challenge, I totally get it.

There are so many things that we can get distracted by that we don’t like, don’t want. And apparently energy flows where we focus and the more energy, the more charge and the bigger it gets.

So, today, lets focus on something that we do well. Like hug our kids. Or respond to emails. Or care about our planet. Lets send some energy there and all of a sudden, the problem of being scattered doesn’t have as much charge!

Totally with you in this experience!

Be kind to yourself.

Big love. xxx



  1. Good one Jen, so true!! Great reminder Brad and I were only talking about this last night. Neither of us fit in a box of what we both do and have done many things but it’s great wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is about the journey.  Sophie had the day off school today…she’s exausted (mummy too) so we had a mental health day we had lovely walk with Hayley to the beach had sushi and just relaxed  💕💕  Hope you’re all well – we’re looking forward to holidays as I’m sure are lots of families. Take care xxx

    Kind regards, Sonya Pearson

    1. Lets chuck the box out! 😉 Life is, as you say, a journey! I am so pleased that you listened to what you all needed and just had some down time..All is well here and like you, we are all looking forward to some ‘slow down’ and family time! Hope to see you soon. <3 xxxx

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