Far out. Mistakes. Far flipping out!

Put your hand up if you like making them! I mean REEEEAAALLLLY like making them??

Hmm. Not a lot of hands up!

The kids these days are high fives and celebrated for their mistakes. Why? Because – and lets say it altogether…”It means you are learning”!

Which is so easy to say to someone ELSE who has made the mistake. RIGHT?

But you. But me. But when WE make the mistakes, how quickly are we to say something like;

“Babe, you made a mistake. You are human and that is what humans do. It means you are doing something and not just thinking something. That takes courage. So well done YOU”.

Is this you? Are you super kind and supportive of yourself when you mess up?

Or are you the kind to mutter really horrible, nasty things to yourself?

Well…today…I made a mistake!


Not a big mistake, but one that is reflective of where my head has been for the last week. A bit all over the shop!

AND so I was busy preparing all kinds of things for next year, YES NEXT YEAR and instead of saving them, I SENT THEM OUT!


It isn’t a big deal and on any other day, it wouldn’t have mattered to me at all. I would have just gone, oh well, no biggie life happens.

But today, this morning it mattered!

I am planning this real cool workshop for next year, and I wanted it to be a surprise. And, now I unwrapped it! Talk about a spoiler. Like when you know what is wrapped up under the Christmas Tree!


When I am well slept, well fed and energised I seem to deal with mistakes better than when I am tired after being out 4 nights last week, a big weekend and maybe or maybe not a few too many wines! I know..profound right?

Today the mean chatter was having a field day!

Sigh. Again!

That voice, that mean sound you hear when you muck up, that is a part of us ALL. All humans. Some might say it is a design fault! Doesn’t appear that other creatures have this feature!

What if I was a whale?

If a whale is swimming along the coast line and finds itself tangled in a shark net, do we scream abuse at the whale? “You idiot creature. You were swimming along minding your own business, trying to find food to stay alive and you came too close to shore because that is where the fish are and you wound up in this net here. Stupid thing. Well, you can stay there until you learn your lesson”.

So today, I spoke to myself like that little whale caught in the net.

“Oh sweet one, you have gone off track and wound yourself up. It’s ok. Let me help you untangle and send you on your way again”.

“Go gently precious”.

I cried a few cleansing tears.

I met a friend and cried some more.

And I moved on..puffy eyes and all.

So beauty, if you have made a mistake recently and haven’t yet forgiven yourself, know that this is human. But also know that you get to befriend yourself right now and speak to yourself like you speak to someone you deeply care about, who has messed up and been imperfect. Who has been human!


You are a divine being who ACTUALLY NOTICED you made a mistake. It means you are awake. It means that you are willing to be in the world and are learning to embrace the fullness of being human!


Here is to life long learning. Here is to the imperfectness of humans. Here is to the forgiveness of humans. Here is to loving ourselves through the process!

When we love ourselves  in our imperfectness, we are more likely to love others in theirs!

All of ourselves. All of themselves!

That my beauty is what you are here to do!

Next time you muff it or stuff it, maybe try taking a deep breath and talking to yourself just like you would to someone you deeply care about. I do it, and I do it out loud. Yes, I look like that lady!


  • Have you made any mistakes that you still haven’t forgiven yourself for? 
  • Are you someone who forgives easily or are you grudge master?
  • Are you kind to yourself when you make a mistake?

Love to hear from you!

Big love



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