Hello beauty!

Sometimes I just get a feeling. And when I get that feeling, I just have to follow it. If I don’t it kind of follows me around, biting at my heals until I do.

This feeling was to send you this message.

I know that you think sometimes that you are broken. That you are in desperate need of fixing. You look around and think that life is just so crap that there must be something so wrong with you. That you have created this mess. That you did something so, so wrong. That you have tried everything and nothing seems to stick.

Well, I know that feeling all too well. I used to think that there was something fundamentally wrong with me and because I believed that thought I managed to lock on to so much evidence to prove myself right.

That is what the brain does. It is designed to solve problems. And it has to make sense of things, even if they aren’t true. The body exhales when the brain makes sense of stuff. AND it keeps us stuck!

“Oh, yes, that is why my life is shit right now, I am being punished for that time I spoke to that poor shop attendant like a dick”. Exhale. Stuck!

“Oh I understand why I am in debt. I am shit at managing my money and why would I be good at it, my parents didn’t know what they were doing with it either”. Exhale. Stuck.

“Yes. My whole family hate me because go cross eyed when I see purple stripes on short arsed giraffes”. Exhale. Stuck.


That last belief, we laugh at it right. Because it just isn’t true! But what if the other bullshit stories we are telling to ourselves…they aren’t true either??

You are human, and this is such a human experience. SUCH a human experience. I haven’t yet met a human who hasn’t made up some pretty self sabotaging stories along their way.

You are not alone here!

If you feel like you are struggling where you are, maybe a good and yummy chat with a therapist might help. Or a great friend who isn’t a fixer. Or an empowerment coach, like me.

I am constantly blown away in like a heart exploded kind of way, when I witness folks have a moment when their thinking shifts just enough to let another possibility in…

It is my life work to help light the path of the inner journey. Exploring all spaces. Thinking. Feeling. Doing. Seeing. Being. The spiritual. The physical. They soul. The mind. Oh, how I love it!

I’m currently putting together an course designed to help with that ‘stickiness-ness’ that we can sometimes feel on our life path. If you want to know more, fill in the box below so I can email you!

Stay in the game. It is worth it. You are worth it.

Speak kindly to yourself




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