At some point, we are invited to lift our heads up from the day to day grind and have a look around. Sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards. For some of us, we do this A LOT.

Most of us when we do this look back and reflect, it isn’t a time where we pat ourselves on the back and say, ‘well done hun, you rocked that’. It is far more natural to look back and see all the things we didn’t do.

Right? Or is it just me?

Most of us when we look forward, it isn’t a time of excitement and creation where we say to ourselves, “far out beauty, you have an amazing path unfolding”, instead we freak out and suffer from the ‘not enough BS’. We worry that we are not going to have enough. Enough money, enough time, enough energy, enough clothes that look nice, enough support…yep, the not enough BS.

Right? Or is it just me?

What is up with that?

Bitchy. Mean. Negative.

The short answer..those little monkeys in the mind. Bouncing from here to there, making a WHOLE lot of noise? Or as they are in my head, the crazy room mates…chattering away incessantly!!

Head talk. Have listened to that shizzle?

If you haven’t have a tune in throughout the day and see what is cranking in there.

How much of it is kind? “You’re doing awesome today sweet one”

How much of it is cheerleading? “That creative idea you have is just awesome”.

How much?

If you left a little untrained puppy unattended in your house, would it just do what it wants? Would it just pee where it wants? Would it run a muck? Rip shit up? Poo all over the place? Just do what it wants when it wants?


Well, that is what an untrained mind looks like.

Left unchecked it goes nuts.

Making a mess all over the place.

Oh and before you go taking BS about yourself, this is HUMAN. Humans feel stuff. They think stuff. They are beautiful, complex, creative creatures. And they can be really mean to themselves. I mean REALLY!

Humans do this shit. We are hardwired for it and not many of us have been shown how to deal with the out of control entities in our heads.

Here is 3 ways to start the training that I use.


Inhale. Exhale. Notice the mind and and all the chatter it barrels on about. Notice how much of it is kind. Notice how much is mean bitch. Sheesh. Notice. Breathe.

Write down the bitchy and poo-poo stuff that you hear the most. The noisy creature inside your head that keeps up with the screeching, “I’m never going to be as good as them”. “I’m so fat”. “I’m stuck in this shitty situation forever”. “I can’t seem to get ahead”. “I’m shit”. After that, ask a really deep and profound meditative question….IS THAT BITCH-FEST CONTENT 100% TRUE? No really, this is a mediation. It isn’t a ‘well yes, it is true!’. It is a slow and inward exploration.


All that noise makes us FEEL something. SO we have to FEEL that stuff. This is where so many of us get in a pain loop, a suffering loop. We don’t feel stuff!

For the most part of my life my emotional vocabulary was pretty limited. Sad. Angry. Mad. Meh. That was about it. In the last few years, I have learnt a new language. I have learnt “I feel disappointed”. “I feel guilty”. “I feel pissed off”. “I feel lonely”. “I feel overwhelmed”. “I feel stuck”.

Maybe you have noticed that there are some friends you have that can hold space without judgement for how you feel and when you are brave and share, you come away feel lighter, better, more peaceful. Acknowledge how you really feel (without blaming others for how they ‘made’ you feel…they don’t have that power) is absolute KEY!


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat and repeat – “I am doing the fucking best I can and I aim for progress not perfection”.  Inhale. Exhale. Release.

Or whatever the kindest thing you can muster up. Write it down and say that sweet shizzle repeatedly. It will feel like bullshit at first, and you may feel disheartened. Like training a puppy. It takes commitment and dedication and love. Lots of love. A lot of folks don’t commit to it and wonder why the puppy is a shit or the monkey is destroying all the peace. And if you don’t, that is cool, but it seems when I do this, it does back around anyway!

What I don’t change, stays the same. But you know in your soul that is true right?

3 little steps to train that reckless puppy in your mind. 3 steps to settle the monkey by giving it something to do. 3 steps to silencing the crazy room mates.

You going to try?

Good. You’re worth it!

Don’t want to do it alone. That’s fine. You know where I am.

Big love




awww right???

May you be well. May you be in peace. May you follow your heart.


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