This Sunday I’m forging in to a new frontier. A new area of space creation. A new workshop. And I’m excited.

It must be at least two years ago, the way time moves….a friend of mine sent me a message with an idea about holding a workshop for mothers and daughters. At the time, I had a lot of commitments in my life and was pouring a lot of energy into retreat building and family and 1 on 1 coaching and life..

Anyway, when I checked in with myself it wasn’t a ‘no’ it was a ‘not just yet’.

The bubble never left me though.

When Jay and I were sat down planning our last retreat, we both said how cool it would be to offer this kind of stuff to women and girls.

And both of us said, “hashtag after retreat”.

After a rough start to the year for me with some physical illness stuff, it meant I had some serious down time to consider what is really important to me.

My family is ridiculously important to me. The most important thing. I see them now, not as just dependants, but souls that have chosen to spend this part of their life with me. It is such a privilege. And in it’s humanness it is challenging. It feels heavy at times. The responsibility to ‘get it right’. To create space for amazing humans to expand. Space to show up and be a full expression of themselves. Family.

Over the years I have gotten images of folks gathering to share stories of real humanity. And over the years I have created space for such experiences to be shared. Like ancient groups used to do.

Well, “hashtag after retreat” has become real.

Mummy and Daughter Creative Connection Day (part 1) goes out into the world on Sunday!

When I consider facilitating this workshop, I can’t help but hear the human ‘safety keeper’ part of me ask, “what makes you qualified to do this?” My ‘safety keeper’ is always asking me questions so that I might check in and get really clear on why.

If I don’t understand why I am doing what I am doing, then I can be pulled off course so easily.

And for a long time, I could only say, “I don’t know what makes me qualified, but I have a huge pull to do it and I trust that. SO I follow it”.

As I’ve been preparing for this workshop, I hear my ‘safety keeper’ ask me all the usual questions. Putting doubt in my mind as to whether we can actually do this thing. “who are you guys? Psychologists? Therapists? Teachers?”


Sweet safety keeper, I hear you. I know you are afraid that we will look like putze’s. I know that you think we might do some damage. I know you are afraid. I know. It is scary to step outside of comfort zones and try new things. It is scary to stand in front of folks and share your heart. It is. But we are going to be ok. Love makes it ok.

I can see my love is to love others like they are family. To create space to allow the expansion of souls. To create space for connection. To create space to allow the discomfort of this humanness to show up and be ok…not just ok, but loved.


This is really what I am here for.

To love first myself as a unique soul and then to love all as family.

Family is souls showing up for teaching and for learning and for loving.

Family isn’t about blood.

Family isn’t about who’s vagina you came out of or who’s sperm got to the egg first.

Family is humanity.

All of us.

And I get that a some of us cringe when we think of our families. Dysfunction. Pain. Annoyance. Bickering. Lost causes.

What if we can step back from the ownership of folks and see each other as a part of a soul family. Each here with it’s own unique and special journey.

And when we know how to feel into our own soul purpose we’ll see that to love (which is the absence of judgement) is all we are called to do.

A label doesn’t make any of us more capable of creating space for love.

You don’t need to be a ‘title’ to show up and create space for love.

Now rest little ‘safety keeper’. We’ve got this!

Big love







  1. And I cannot wait to come along and experience the day with you and the other mums and daughters. it’s going to be amazing!!

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