Hello wayfinders!

How have you been finding your way?

Do you feel like you are lost in the wilderness or do you feel like the light has beamed down to shine the way for the next part of the adventure?

When was the last time you checked in with where you are?

To stop, to look around.

Recently while we were in Myer doing a last minute dash to get a fathers day present, one of our wee creations (one of the kids) was looking around and something pretty caught her eye and she wandered off (she is my child for sure).  This wee creation isn’t tall enough to see over all of the clothes hanging everywhere. It was noisy. She lost us or did we lose her?

So, mumma bears heart races of course. But this isn’t the first time we have been separated from each other in this kind of setting. We have strategies in place for when this happens.

So, I had to inhale and exhale knowing that we have this. We have the tools.

So when I couldn’t find said creation in the place that we would usually meet…urgh… you know that feeling hey?

It’s not gone to plan.

Someone is lost out there.


I feel helpless.

They can’t hear me call.


Have you ever had someone you care about lost? Maybe not physically, maybe it’s emotionally. Maybe that are lost in the blame and bitterness jungle. They seem to be suffering and you feel like you don’t know how to help them, to bring them back. To show them the way.


It can feel powerless. Overwhelming. Like you can’t breathe.

It feels shit right?

Really shit.

I stopped and I waited. I stood and waited. I took some deep breaths to calm the monkey arse mind of mine that was leaping to all the usual worst case scenarios! Thanks goodness I am trained in talking my monkeys down!

And in moments, our little creation appeared. Shaken. Upset. Crying.

And all I needed to say was, “I know how scary that feels to be lost baby and you are safe”.

And exhale…deeply!

Sure, I could have gone into all the fear talk, about how this isn’t what we planned. This wasn’t in the “when I wander off and get distracted by something pretty and can’t find you mummy” manual.

And sometimes, no matter how planned out and how many tools we have we have to deal with certain experiences, sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan. It just doesn’t.

So if you or someone you love is feeling lost right now, and you feel like this wasn’t part of the plan..it feels shit.

But they are going to find their way. Their own way. Maybe they aren’t even lost. Maybe their journey is to gather more information for the next part of the journey. Maybe there is great wisdom they will come across in the wilderness.

But don’t stop loving them in their journey. And when they show up with tales of their adventure, maybe, instead of the lecture about how that was dumb arse, or stupid or dangerous or all the things it probably was…maybe, just maybe a simple, “that must of been scary. I know I was scared…..” is enough.

The contingencies can come later.

And they do…they did…we now have a new plan if we get separated from each other. That is the great things about things that don’t go to plan. We get to find another way…

Always learning.

Big love

Jen (a wayfinder finding her way maybe helping other to find theirs too).


Soul Oxygen Retreat is ALL GO. Venue locked in. Dates locked in. Eeek!




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