Our past leaves breadcrumbs leading us to what our gifts and I’d go even as far as to say our life purpose is.

Recently in a declutter flurry, I came across a bunch of old stuff I have been carrying around with me. Bits and pieces I had kept from school.

Some old reports, some assignments I was proud of, some pics and some notes from friends.

I really enjoyed revisiting creations by my younger self and the perspectives some of my teachers had of me. I enjoyed exploring their comments.

I am often inspired when I hear of folks who say, “because this teacher noticed this about me, I followed my dream”…or variations of the same. That a teacher had seen something special in that person and encouraged them to follow that direction.

I never had that.

As far as I can remember I never had teacher pulling me aside and pointing out my absolute gift. Mrs McGregor in grade 10 took me aside and pleaded with me to stop talking so much because I could do really well in maths if I did. Maths? She didn’t get me!

“If Jenny focussed more on the task at hand and less on talking with her peers, she would be achieving outstanding results”. Still, Mr Hingston marked me a B.

“Jenny is a mature student who has little difficulty expressing using her voice. Has an ability to keep us entertained and engaged with performance material and with her creative ideas”. Mrs Prowse. My drama teacher. She marked me an A.

Maybe I didn’t have one teacher pull me aside and say, “that is it! That is what you are meant to do”….but when I reflect along my journey, the one thing that seems to replay in various forms is my ability to communicate.

Today, I find myself looking for more and more ways to use my voice, my experience and my love of communicating.

Today, I write. Today I out together workshops. Today I develop content for retreats.

AND all of it comes from a place within that knows no other way to be.

To talk. To express. To create.

I used to think that I was doing all this stuff to help folks and while I believe that is a by product. I actually feel that if even if I helped no one, not one person, I would be more  miserable and depressed and lost if I didn’t follow the call of this thing..that I can’t really explain!

It’s a pull.

A pull to write this stuff down.

It’s a pull to create ideas.

It’s a pull to sit with folks willing to explore why THEY are here. And while I have no really idea why they are here, I do believe that breadcrumbs have been left and I help shine a light on the trail back to the truth of who we are!

It’s a pull.

When I don’t allow myself to be lead in that direction of that pull, that’s when I feel my life de-railing!

That’s all I got!

Big love


PS…I can’t wait to share with you a piece I wrote when I was 17 years old that I think is still SO relevant now! Next blog…keep an eye out for it. I reckon it will vibe with you too!

PPS…If you’d like to ask me anything about upcoming events or retreats, drop me a line!






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