A year or so ago I went to a personal branding gig.

I’d heard about this chicka on the radio who said, “creative entrepreneurs get distracted by shiny objects. They are interested in a lot of things and find it hard to keep focus”.

The world kinda stopped spinning in that moment. That is all I heard. All I needed to hear to know that this woman ‘got’ me and the rest of what she said, I can’t really know. But that thing about finding it hard to keep focus…yeah, she knew me and I knew she could help me.

I jotted down her name on my ever ready sticky note pad (thanks bestie for giving me supplies) I was in. I was going to whatever thing she had going.

A few weeks later I found myself sat in this ok-ish room, with about 6 other folks that I thought were like me. Yay. Tribe. More tribe. Fist pump ya’ll.

This chicka told her story, told us a bunch of ‘tried and tested’ methods to ‘get noticed’ and be a ‘best selling author’ and in order to do that you have to find your ‘niche’.

We went through a bunch of writing exercises that I had done in the past about trying to locate that ‘one thing’ that ‘holy grail thing’ that you are here to do.

It didn’t take long until my skin kinda started to crawl.

You know me right? You know I hate box-a-fi-ing folk…unless they want to be boxed up and labelled. You know me and you know I don’t.

“But what about the shiny, shiny thing we were going to talk about. We were going to say it was okay weren’t we”? I silently pleaded.


It appeared not!

No, we were going to look at the ‘one thing’ and bag and tag it and then get on with writing about it, tweeting about it, social-media-a-fi-ing it, brand colouring it, catchy catch phrase thinging it.


I felt dejected.

I felt like I was never going to sort my shit out. I am interested in too many things and god knows what will happen next week? I mean only yesterday I said to my husband, “I’m going to write a play. It’ll have characters I love, music I love and then I can perform it with people I love”. Said husband has learnt over the years to offer me support without narky sarcastic comments. I’m glad he did because he gets to live (with real respect to domestic violence survivors….you must know I am kidding here wayfinders).

So, instead of getting ‘laser focus’ during our workshop what I found is that I ended up wanting to explore the psychology of colours. *sigh*

But here is the real deal.

I am a multi-passionate and multi-diverse kinda human. I know that about me. I might even have a bot of ADD. And who says that is a bad thing? Someone who makes money out of doing it one way!

The whole point here on the planet is to Gnothi seauton‘know thyself’.

Now days I give myself permission to be what I am at the moment.

And at the moment I dabble in writing and do some speaking, do some workshops and run retreats and do some one on one stuff with folks who feel lead to sit and rumble with me. I’m studying yoga. Learning about my digestion and what gives me the farts.

All of it is just really just finding my way through this life of mine. The exploration of all the awesome things are on this planet.

I’m just finding my way…just like everyone else! Finding my way and in doing that, sharing the learnings for me so that I might light a path for another human…maybe.

Marie Forleo who is a force in the online world and is such a powerful influence in the lives of thousands used to struggle with this too. She tells of a time when she was driving her now hubby nuts trying to get him to come up with the word or the title for her. She just couldn’t get it. She loved to dance, perform, coach folks, develop on-line stuff and so much more.

After A LOT of painstaking ‘knowing thyself-ing’ she got her title. Marie calls herself a Multi-Passionate-Entreprenure. Boom! She found her title and she exhaled.

The advice she gives to those of us who don’t fit into a box…don’t let it stop you from doing all that you feel called to do. Don’t limit yourself to a title. Find out what you feel like you just have to do and get on with doing that. Don’t worry yourself about that label thing! Just do!


So my precious, if you are struggling with the title, the thing, the moment when the angels sing on high because you have found that one thing….let me remind you that you are a unique expression of the universe. NO ONE created like you.

If you want a title, wayfind yourself there. You are allowed! It’s your way!

Maybe you want to have the experience of being a kinesiologist.

Or explore the possibility of being a master reiki practitioner.

Or a surgeon.

Go have the experience and allow yourself to say, “nah, not that anymore”.

Sure folks will call you a flake…but own the adventure. Secretly I reckon they would want to follow in your adventurous path.

Don’t believe the hype that you need to be a certain way to succeed in the world.

I don’t have thousands of followers..in fact I don’t even have hundreds. I don’t have my own ‘brand tag line’ or a best seller or a PhD….at the moment.

I give my permission to grow, to change, to re-invent, to create!

I get to do it my way.

I get to do what I love for a living. And if that changes, I reckon that there will be something for me to explore in there!

In the meantime, I’ll call myself a wayfinder. And my catch might be something like, “a woman finding her own way, so she may help others find theirs”.

I’d love to hear how you feel about titles, and labels and about why you think you are here on the planet.

Big love





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