I swear to goddess there are some days where I am just freaking amazing.

Do you know these days….


You (and remember when I write ‘you‘ I really mean ‘I‘) take time out for you.

You meditate for your 20 minutes you are ‘supposed’ to.

You move your body in a fun and functional way.

You smile just because.

You eat super delux-a-licious soul and body nourishing meals and none of that nasty processed BS.

You are kind to folk you encounter…even the grump-arse ones.

You have patience with potentially World War III inducing conflicts in the house.

Your breath doesn’t smell.

Your legs have been de-forested.

Your skin is pimple free.

You speak so kindly to yourself, it might seem a bit awkward and uncomfortable to your neurotic room mates in your head.

You hug strangers and meet them in the eye and hold gaze, communicating silently you love them.

You are not late to one.single.thing.

You get all green lights.

Your hair is glossy. Your guts isn’t bloated.

Your husband adoringly looks at you and smiles at your excitement that you have found a real life allow vera plant for treating all your ills.

You know those days hey?

Well, my friend, I cannot remember the last time I had one of those days.

Most of my days have bits and pieces of these things and my wayfinders, but I am yet to get a full box-tick experience.


And yet….

I am enough.

You are enough damn it!

I haven’t yet met one single person who has all their shit together nor could tick all the boxes in the above list all on one day! Not one. In fact, I want to meet one of them. Just to follow them around so I can see if it they are human! But I doubt that is going to be this life time.

There are ‘moments’ of days, where I smile at strangers.

Moments in days where I grin to myself about how amazing our kids are..which is usually when they are all getting along and doing what they love.

Moments where I acknowledge how kind I am to myself, when I could choose to be a mean bitch.


Sometimes we aim for these perfect lives where all the boxes must be ticked to be a happy human. Or maybe that is just me.

I’m slowly learning that life is actually a bunch of moments we create and respond to.


I’m learning to check in to the moments more and more to find something to smile about.

If there is nothing, I trust that there will be a moment sometime soon. That seems to be how life works.

Shit moment, shit moment, awesome moment, nothing moment, numb moment, ADHD moment, zen moment, shit moment, really shit moment, calm moment…all moments that make this beautiful, crazy thing called life!

In a moment life changes. Not a lot of us appear to be able  to control a lot of that external stuff…and goddess knows I have tried!

The internal stuff, the internal chattering, and self beat up BS, well, that I can do something about.

It has taken a lot of effort. Time. Self reflection. Still does.

And it is all worth it to help we accept that this life is never meant to be perfect and THAT is the gift of it.

The diversity. The challenge. The change. The bullshit. It all matters, because we matter!


You matter.

I matter!

Our moments matter.

Take a deep breath with me now…deeeep one and enjoy that moment.

And then, in gentle kindness smile to the next moment.

We’re doing the best we can in each moment.

Scrap all the moments that we are mean to ourselves. Hit the refresh.

Annnd, the next moment.

Here with you in this moment…how ever that moment looks like for you!

Big love







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