Hi fellow Wayfinders,

As you know, I use this space for blurting out a lot of the stuff that I experience on my journey and hope that some of it may help others as they find their way.

My hope is sometimes my writing may act as a bit of a flashlight on an unlit path. That maybe by me sharing my perspective you get to try on another view or perhaps you can say, ‘yeah, me too’ so you don’t feel like you are the only one.

It is, I have to say, a pretty brave thing to do, this writing thing.

It is brave in that, often it is like me standing naked in front of you and pointing to all the bits that I find are unpleasant and sometimes grabbing a torch and shining it on  my most, well, exposed parts. Sorry for those images 😉


It took me many years before I felt safe to share all my stuff. Well, not all of it….I had to overcome a LOT of inner BS chatterings and STILL I have chatterings that can make life really tough at times!!

Anyway, I just wanted to say, that if you too are feeling like you want to use your life, your experience in some way to help others along their path, I was just wondering

What are the excuses you are using that stop you from doing that? In my next blog, I want to share our most common BS stories….mine are doozies!

I may not know you intimately, but if you are following this blog, I do know that you are a wayfinder…and I know that you don’t want your life to be a ‘meh’ kind of life.

I know you want to use your life to make a difference….

So, I wonder…what are the excuses you are using that stop you?

Lets go a a BS Busting mission…

Wanna come?

Lets do this!

Share in the comments below and lets do this thing! Or, if you feel a little exposed do that, you know how you can email me.

I’m here on this planet to help shift BSing beliefs…so, I’m with you!

Big, big love


Oh and if you think you know other way finders who might want to journey along with us, feel free to pass on my deets and they can have stuff shot straight to their in boxes too!

Big, big love


Finding her own way, to help folk find theirs!



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