I know it has been talked about A LOT, and I am certainly not the first one to go there. But no one has been there in my way, so, I’m doing it!

The C word

Not, that C word…although it is a bit of a C of a thing.


Urgh. Not a topic I love to explore.

I don’t like to explore it because it means that I have to get real about it. about how I feel about it. And honestly, I have a crazy room mate in my head that just LOVES to compare.

I have an aspect that looks out into the world and says, “Gawd darn it, they are doing what I want to do and they do it so much better than I would be able to. I mean look at their following. I mean look at their flawless skin. I mean look at their flat guts. I mean look at how they write. I mean, I mean, I mean.

Ah yes…that aspect..yes you are “I mean”. Very “I mean”.


I have this aspect; lets call it “Cutn” (see what I did there) and I wonder if any of you have it too.

Cutn loves to look around and report back to me why I could never do what I want to do because all the awesome-est folk are already doing it.

Cutn loves to tell me how there is no room left for my stuff. “It is already all done”.

Cutn says, “pft, they have PhD doofus”.

Sigh. Man. That aspect of me is a loud and mean.

It is funny, well not for cutn, but for the other room mates that this week I drew this card:




Damn straight. Do stars fight over universal space? Well, I can’t know that they don’t for sure, but I am guessing that there is enough space for them all!

And trees, do they look at other trees and go, “I want their kind of foliage. I want mine to be more green. I want to be taller.”?

While I don’t know with absolute truth the answer to this, it is unlikely this convo is going on. It is more likely that they are just getting on with the business of just being the best version of their specimen and growing toward the sun. Done!

As most of you know I am a personal growth lover and spiritual explorer and am still finding my way. Hence calling myself a wayfinder.

In this industry of growth and spirituality, well, there are A LOT of beautiful voices!



Martha Beck

Deepak Chopra

Kris Carr

Elizabeth Lesser

Gabrielle Bernstein

Marie Forleo

Micheal Singer

Elizabeth GIlbert

Oh dear god the list!

It’s extensive and this is but a few of the voices.

So, why oh why would I have anything to say that could ‘compete’ with them?

Well, as my weekly contemplation card has reminded me, I have my own quirks and kinks that no one else has. And that is my super power. Knowing and embracing my super power!

My different-ness-ness.

You. Me. Our kids. None of us have ever been made in this combo before.

Trippy really when I consider that.

So, if that is true, well, lets get on with the business of being the full expression of that.

Lets just talk about stuff we love, even if folk talk about the same stuff. They don’t have our experience to add to it. They don’t see thorough our lens.

I have come to see (pun not intended) that sometimes the way I have interpreted my experience resonates with some other folk. And in that, we see that we are not that different. And well, maybe that is part of my superpower. Connecting to our humanness.

So little orange, don’t even compare yourself to other oranges. It just don’t matter. Just grow into the best damn orange YOU can be, irrespective of how the others are growing.

Live. Breathe. Love. YOUR own way!

It is time for wayfinder to unit. To accept our own unique ways as being not only enough, but divine!

If you are an orange, cheer on your orange buddies. If you are an apple cheer on your apple buddies and while you oranges and apples are at it, cheer on the strawberries, the olives and the carrots.

The world needs more cheerleading fruit (great image that)!

Shine on you unique expression of the universe!

The world needs your way!

Big love


Wayfinder (yes, I hate labels but this is the closest I can find to title myself)


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