Recently I have been having conversations with clients and friends and myself about this whole BIG thing….”What I am I here to do?”

Phew. Big question right?

Some will seek the answer by consulting a psychic. “Surely they will know what is best for me”.

Some seek the answer by seeing a therapist. “Surely they will give me the answer”.

Some seek books. Some seek the internet. Some their family. Some their horoscopes.

I get seeking. I am a deep seeker. A seeker of all kinds.

Lately, I have been very curious about the seeker archetype. The seeker in me.

Curious about my own kind of seeker drive.

As I have bathed in the curiosity I have been wondering things like, “is everyone a seeker?” “Is there anything wrong with being a seeker”? “Does it go against the here and now philosophy that we all hear is the way to be in the world?”


Here is what I have come to see.

All the teachers in all the world are human. Human beings are embodied with their own perspectives, how they see the world. What they believe is true and real. Of what is right and wrong. I can’t see out the eyes of anyone else, and they certainly can’t see out the eyes of me. I can’t see deep into them, I can only see deep into me (and let me tell you what a journey that in itself is…well has been for me)!

Humans are flawed. All of them. And ALL of them, all of us have our own very unique and personal journey through life.

One of my favourite teachers and writers and Omega Institute Co-FOunder: Elizabeth Lesser, in her book “Broken Open –  How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow” says that in all her experience she has come to see only one real truth.

For many years as a facilitator at the Omega Institute, she met with some of the worlds most revered spiritual teachers. Organising classes for them to teach, getting accommodation sorted. Menus. Special items that they needed to feel comfortable.

And this was the truth that she has come to see.

That all the teachers, those who have reputations as gurus and enlightened beings are in fact, still VERY human! They can still get irritated in traffic. They can still get colds and have sleepless nights worrying. They still refuse to pay for meals that are in their opinions substandard. They are human. We are human. We are all humans finding our OWN way.

So then, how can someone know what is RIGHT for ME?

How can anyone know what is right for YOU? I mean really?

The most sensible advice I think I have heard from a teacher was this…and it wasn’t first hand and to my face, so I don’t know if he actually said it…but you get me…

“Don’t blindly believe what I say. Try it out for yourself and see if it is true for you”.

Who said a version of that. Buddha said that. And since then there have been a LOT of folk say various translations of that.

Find what is TRUE for you.

But what does that mean?

Well, it means that yes, you will have to seek. Right?

Well, maybe it doesn’t for you. Maybe it just doesn’t.

Me on the other hand. This human. This human with all her flaws, all her negative self talk, all her creative expression, all her doubts all her light….

Well, this incarnation…she seeks….at the moment! And, along the way, she finds. AND as she finds, she shares. And that may change.

So when people look at me and think, “man she shares WAY too much out there”, I get it. I really do. But what if this is part of my journey. Part of my learning experience?

I get that people are used to being private in their worlds and sharing all the gloss on FaKebook. Hell, I am guilty of that.

At the moment (and I always say that because we are always changing and growing), I am committed to seeking out cool and interesting ways to do life and bringing the wisdom into my life…trying stuff on to see what makes sense to me. Then passing on the learnings to others, so that the path may be lit. That feels just awesome and purposeful to ME.

It is an opportunity to experience my life, my way. Falls and all. Ups and all. Struggles and all.



WE ARE OK….aren’t we?

Maybe it is time for you to get ok with the way YOU do life. And if you aren’t ok with how you do life….put your explorer pants on and get seeking. Seek YOUR truth. And I know, that along the way you are going to find more than you ever thought you would.

You’ll trip on stone stuff, fall on your face, rise strong with support, learn and grow….

But you have to break out of the safety of your cotton wool.

My job as a way finder is to really support folk to find their own way back to their own truth. I use a bunch of stuff to help them navigate and when they have all the tools they need, they move on to seek in their own way. But mostly, I use my humanity. My deeply flawed and full of love humanity.

“Sometimes the most helpful guides are those who are only a few paces ahead of you on your healing path. Who better to lead you through the woods than someone who has struggled with similar issues?” Elizabeth Lesser (Broken Open).

What if seeking is just part of exploring the terrain of humanity. Part of being human?  What if seeking IS what you were here to do? To seek. To learn. To grow. To teach? And what if it isn’t?

What if our resistance to try new things is the very thing that keeps us stuck?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on seeking, so please comment below.

Oh and if you feel like there is someone who you feel is at ill-ease with their journey right now, maybe you could pass this on to them. 🙂

With you on the journey fellow way finder.

Be kind.

Jen Lean : Wayfinder



  1. I really love that you are so open and honest and share. It is so brave of you because without sharing we are not expressing the true us. As we have probably heard many times through our learning that if we do not put things out there we shall not recieve the love, the friendship, the learning, the teaching.
    I am a seeker and have always been a seeker, sometimes I am not really sure what I am actually seeking but I feel like I’m looking around. I think seeking helps me in my journey to grow and create but also to live. This is just my experience. It can be as little as seeking a reciepe for dinner but opens up a world to creating much more from that little thought or process.
    Your journey is amazing please keep sharing!

    Big Hugs, lots of laughs
    Nerissa xxxx

    1. Thanks Beautiful Nerissa. You’re note came and totally felt like on of your hugs. 🙂 I love what you say about seeking out a recipe. Adding to the experience we call life. Seekers unite! <3 Big love. xxx

  2. I too am a seeker and always have been, always needing to discover what makes me tick so to speak and I have discovered much. In my late 40’s I got super ill and lost most of the use of all my muscles, it took me 2 long years to walk 2 blocks again. While I saw an endless stream of specialists no diagnosis was ever found, I have remained a question mark.It took 7 years to get back to some normalicy. During this time I created a wish list which I accomplished one by one as I was able, the last one was to find a creative part time job. The journey was the most scary I have ever gone through, but I learned much, mostly about one word called “rejection”. I had travelled with rejection since very small and that ultimately my body could no longer cope with all the rejection I had been feeling and decided to give up on me. Ultimately I discovered that all the rejection I had felt resulted in me rejecting myself and that was the cause of my illness, my body simply gave up the fight.During this time 3 amazing people stepped alongside in various roles, my youngest sister, a Stephen minister from our church and a specialist.Each one helped me cope and hope that a better day would come. Each one of these amazing people also helped me understand what a beautiful person I really was and what a gift I was to the world if only I would believe I was. Today I am more creative than ever and I love more than ever, my mission to love people as they are and where I find them and to always tell them how special and beautifully unique they are. And to those who wish me harm, who would like to abuse my person, who still try to deem me unworthy, I have learned to use the F word, as in fuck of, I know how special I am and I won’t let you hurt my soul, my being and my person. I am still on a journey and I still get scared, still sensitive about rejection but I am learning how to still that voice inside of me when it pops up. Reading posts like yours encourage me, sooth me and helps me know there are fellow travellers out there, also on a journey of discovery, brave and courageous and speaking loudly and clearly and can only smile and say Amen sister, I hear you and I love you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Klara. So nice to see you here 🙂 Its so nice you came over from Expanding the Heart Space. xx I had no idea the journey you had been on. Thank you so much for sharing some of it. Some of you. It sounds like you have learnt so much and you have so much to share. How is that blog going 😉 xxx

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