For those of you who read my last blog entry (all 5 of you 😉 ) you may recall my 2 words to motivate me, inspire me and to kind of live by this year. If you didn’t read it, you can chomp on it here, or I’ll catch you up real quick.

The 2 words I am going to align with this year are:


Today while attending to the washing and ‘hanging out’ at the clothes line, 3 things popped to mind.

  1. Why did I choose those 2 words REALLY?
  2. What does it even mean to REALLY slow down anyway?
  3. And why do I REALLY need to slow down?

I know I cited that my old mate Liz inspired me to woo up, to take a few breaths, to have a look at the repeat, repeat teachings life was trying to bring to me. And it struck. It absolutely did. Neon light explosion kinda strike.

But as I stood at the line with wet swim gear in my hands, I just felt like there is something more here for me. Is it that I live a ‘fast’ kinda life? Is it ‘busy’ kinda life? After all, isn’t it a great life I have? YES! So, then why do I really want to slow down?


When I reflect on 2015, it was a pretty big year. Loads of firsts. Loads of awesome creating, and loads of fun and adventure. So why would I want to slow down? Why can’t I just stay committed to living a full and vibrant life doing so many cool things?

Great question Jen.

Well, the short answer…by then end of the year, no, not even close to the end of the year I was effing exhausted. Tired. Lethargic. Really kind of ‘urgh’ at times.

This is so weird to me! How can it possibly be that if I am practicing what I preach, living a life connected with my purpose, my loves, my values can I wind up exhausted?

Great question Jen.

I have my hunches. I have been at this long enough to ‘think’ I know what is up, but, I am going to wait. To SLOW DOWN and say:

Most dearest wise life. I await your wisdom as I journey through this year, attempting to understand more. To view your demonstration with more curiosity. To be more awake to your teachings.

And off it goes. That feels SLOWED DOWN RIGHT THERE.

So, as I sit out the back of my house, listening to the kids laughing their little heads off on the trampoline taking in the amazing view that we have, participating in an activity I love, I feel ‘slowed down’. This…this feels good.

THIS is one of those moments that life perhaps is teaching me. Real time lesson. Quick, take some notes…no, not quick, no rush….slowwwww dowwwwn my child. Let it come in….Slow down to let it come in. To receive. To hear. Ok, right, this is going to be a ride!

Right, those notes:

  1. When I am surrounded by nature, enjoying the space, the noise, the smells, the life around me = slow down.
  2. When I am writing about stuff I am curious about, or stuff important to me, or just writing what feels like it needs to come through: un-interrupted = slow down.
  3. When I am not thinking about the next place to be or the next chore or the next anything = slow down.
  4. When I stop, in between writing bits and take a big breath = slow down.
  5. Ahhh, yes, there it is life…noticing. The power of noticing. Yes life. I must slow down to notice!

So life. You want me to do MORE of this? Yes. Yes I hear your call and I say yes. That feels good to me! It is a start.

Life lesson:

I’ll do it for a month. I’ll do it each day. 1. Surrounding myself with nature. 2. Writing stuff that inspires me. 3. Focussing on staying present.  4. Remember to deep breath! 5. Notice what happens!

Wow life. You got some teach up in you!

Now, when can I do that without getting too overwhelmed. Yes, the next word I considered and AM considering introducing to my ‘words of the year’ : SCHEDULE. So lets get specific.

Lets go all coach. Get specific when you are going to act.

Right, ok. Somewhere between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. On dusk. I love dusk.

Is it realistic with 3 young kids. Well, if it is scheduled, I will make it happen. It means I will have to say no to other stuff. AND I am SURE life has got some good lessons in the saying “NO” department.

Well, thank you life. Teach on!

AND if YOU have any thoughts, feelings, hints or ideas in the SLOW DOWN department, feel free to share your wisdom! Life speaks to me through you too!

Oh, and if you want to follow my SLOW DOWN journey, click follow and you’ll get some stuff straight to you!

Speak kindly to yourself

Big, big love




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