Do you have a word, or a phrase or a motto that you intend to live by this year?

You know….a focus for your direction. A foundation for your actions. A start point to help you say YES and NO clearly.

It has taken we to the 10th of January to get my word or words.

It was one of those rare moments when I just get struck. When I read something and go, “yep, that was for me”. Praise the universe!

I was reading a recent post that one of my fave writers Liz Gilbert (I feel like I am shortening name terms by now) popped up on her FB page. Check it out below (if you click the coloured underlined bit).

Life teaches you how to live it, if you live long enough.

Having been in the personal growth arena for a good while now, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on my own life. Got some ‘good sh$t’ kinda tools: How to get through adversity. How to create cool stuff. How to live in alignment with my ‘calling’. How to be present. How to navigate unfamiliar terrain with curiosity and determination. How to fall. How to get back up. How to give. How to receive. Yep. I reckoned I’m doing ok. AND I am.

Yet, after reading my besties post (ok, I know that is creepy) I took in a big breath and let out a big, “Ah yes! That is it”.

So many teachers before me have said things like, “Life loves you” (thank you Louise Hay and Robert Holden), and “Life will give you what you need to grow” (most Spiritual Teachers), and “Life happens FOR you not TO you” (I reckon it was Wayne Dyer I heard that one from).

After reading it from Elizabeth (trying to regain integrity) I heard it. It didn’t just trickle into my ear canals, it burst in, and travelled super fast through my pipes and landed in my heart with a thump.

If it were visible to my eyes, it would have been neon sign like. And, the universe knows how I need neon signs.

The call, the reminder, the gentle shout was 2 words.

2 words that I have heard many people use.

2 words I have used SO much myself. So much, that it is part of my teaching.

These 2 words are my 2016 challenge and ‘live by’ words.

If you have read the article (which if you haven’t please do), you will know the two words.

Put simply…..



There you go, the 2 words.

AND even as I type them, I kind of retract in an uncomfortable kinda way and my face squints and contorts.

It goes against so many of my old beliefs (you know the 10km past boundary bizzo).

Real time BLOG writing****I’m laughing now. As I type this, my daughter says, “If I want to do something, I am just going to do it”. I say, “Awesome, love that attitude”. To which my husband chimes in and says, “Your mother used to say that too before she had kids”. We laugh. We talk about sometimes as parents we have to make certain sacrifices for our kids. BUT if we desire it deep in our being, we can chip away at it…but we must SLOW DOWN****.

It is marathon this life. Not a sprint. Not a finish first kind of life.

It is a life that is constantly teaching us.

AND we get to take notice and observe what it is trying to communicate to us.

Ahhh. Yes.

Jen, precious Jen….slow down.

What does that mean though?

Well step one; remember what is most important to you and fill your cup with that FIRST. Prioritise it. Put in in your schedule DAILY.

THEN, identify, the next most important stuff and repeat as in step one!

THEN WHEN you fall off and get distracted and get all busy and “YESSY” start at step one again.

Life is trying to get my attention and I can see it has been for a while. It has been saying, “Precious Jen, slow down. You are doing enough. YOU are enough….and THAT is enough”.

This piece by Ms Gilbert has reminded me, that life will give you what you need. If you are not ready to receive it at the time, it will move on and come back at another time and offer you the same opportunity to learn.


How good is life.

It just don’t quit!


I can see just how much you DO actually love me!

So, do you know what life is teaching you right now? You know I would love to hear. It helps me on my journey!

Big, big love to you.



Ps…thanks Pinterest ‘’ for the pic used here!



  1. My word for this tear is THRIVE. I have done all the groundwork over the last half a dozen years (or so) and now it is time to live my truth and be me 🙂

    1. THRIVE. Yes. Beautiful word to be lead by Xanthe! Please keep me updated on your journey to THRIVE. Let me know if I can supper the process in anyway! Big, big love! Jen. xx

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