Love this time of the year.

Feelings of ‘reset’, clean out, gee up and get on with fall on me. I like it.

As I reflect on the amazing year of 2015, I gotta say this is what stands out for me the most.

Life and all it’s stuff can be challenging.

*soap box standing alert*

I don’t necessarily believe we attract bad things to us, we actually attract stuff to us to help us grow. To expand. To apply a little pressure on us so we have to strengthen our heart muscles, soul muscles, intellectual muscles, spirit muscles. Just like lifting weights builds physical muscle (a goal for me for 2016 btw).


Stuff happens. It does. It just fricken does. No matter how much you meditate, how much you hermit yourself, no matter how ‘evolved’ I may believe myself to be (Pft! I am so NOT evolved)

Things flip up sometimes to help us shift perspective. To learn to be grateful even in the dark shit. To see that as humans, we go through tough stuff. We sign up for it. But what we do have, is the choice to use to t lift us, or use it to squash us!

From my observation of life this time around, some people ‘get’ that fact and some people just don’t.

I have on many occasion pulled the ‘why me?’ card, the “how did this happen to ME?” picture.

WHY NOT? Why WOULDN’T ‘it’ happen to me? I am a human and not immune to all human afflictions!

The DIFFERENCE is I get to CHOOSE what happens WHEN it does!

Shitttttt happppens. It HAS happened and I am pleased to say, I cam still here. Creating on. Learning on. Loving on.

Second soap box topic….life can be filled with runs of shitty stuff. GET SOME AMAZING PEEPS TO SUPPORT YOU WHEN YOU CARE GOING THROUGH THE SHIT.

With life and it’s challenges, you don’t need more people trying to pull you down, lead you away from your dreams and hating on you.

This year taught me that there are going unexpected jinks in the road. That humans who aren’t clear on their own direction, will often unconsciously, try to pull you off mine. And, I STILL get pulled off direction! BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS I KNOW WHERE I AM HEADED.

I have worked tirelessly for a long time to get clear. It’s been an uphill battle at times. It has been filled with deep, deep pain at times. It has bit me in my ample arse so hard I thought I might not be able to take another breath at times….but it is life.

It bites sometimes!

Let the bruise heal, and lets move on!

*stepping off my soap box*

Sending you BIG, BIG LOVE.

Lets do this life thing.

Who’s in?


    1. Awesome Nerissa. Saying YES to life is the first step…and the second, and…well, I am constantly having to reset and remind myself to say yes. Takes some serious courage. Sending big love back. xx

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