In some of the creative workshops I do, I talk a bit about tables.


Yes, tables.

Right now I am sitting at a table. A table made, well, I am not entirely sure where, but it is a nice table and it serves and awesome purpose. Whoever made it, had a vision for it, and found the materials and created it! Created it their way.

We can eat at it. We can draw and colour in at it and I can move my lap top to it and sit here and type away. It suits our house. It suits us. I like it.

In the other room, my office/library (library just sounds nice doesn’t it?), we have another table.

That table, I am pretty sure was made in China and stamped with an IKEA label and that too, serves a purpose. It was designed by someone and then materials were obtained and then, like the other one, created. I like the style of it, I like the height of it, I enjoy sitting at it.

Are you fascinated yet? Sitting on the edge of the seat you are sitting on? hehe

Stay with me, I do have a point here other than being a table rep (which I am not).

Creatives and entrepreneurs often get disheartened because they feel like it has “all been done”. ALL HEAD TALK and it is BULLSHIT.

Sometime we think that we are not going to be the next Wright borthers, or the Google dudes, or Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King or Oprah, or Madonna.


And here is the thing people….THOSE PEEPS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN!

But if they were just tables, we would say, “sweet, I love that table, I am going to make me one and sell that too” (if you wanna make tables of course). You get my point right?



THIS is for ME!

As I prepare for our Soul Oxygen Retreat my mind has been having a field day.

Mind: “what the hell experience have you got for this?”

Mind: “What the hell qualifications do you have for this?”

Mind: “who the hell would want to come to this?”

I love my mind. It loves to keep me safe. I get it now (slowly).

Mind says; the whole experience thing…and heart says “Just showing up is enough. Your intention is to support women to live their best lives….that is enough. You life and the experiences and perspectives…that is enough. You are enough”. Love my heart!

Mind; who the hell wants to come bizzo….Heart says: “well, it is pretty much fully booked sweetheart. Nearly fully booked? Your first retreat? Come on? That says that people trust you, support you, receive that!!! Did I say I love my heart?

Yesterday I posted this:

Praise yourself and tell yourself how absolutely wonderful you are. Don’t make yourself wrong. When you do something new, don’t beat yourself up because you’re not a pro at it the first time. Practice. Learn what does work and what doesn’t work. Next time you do something new or different, something you are just learning, be there for yourself. Don’t tell yourself what was wrong; tell yourself what was right with it. Praise yourself. Build yourself up, so that the next time you do it, you really feel good about it. Each time you will be better and better and better. Soon you will have a new skill of some sort (Louise Hay).

I am a retreat beginner. I know what I want to create, I know why and damn it, I am doing it AND I am going to be kind to myself through the process. 

I am trying something new for me!

I intend to learn!

I am going to look for what worked!

I am going to learn from the experience and try it again!

Soon, I will have a new skill and each time I will be better and better!!!


I am building my OWN VERSION of the TABLE!

It isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Doesn’t mean that retreats haven’t been created before….just not my way!!!

23 sleeps! Eeeeeek!!!!

Can’t wait!

Big, big love!



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