I’ve just written 3 separate blog posts. And I have deleted them all.

As I was writing, I noticed my mind making so much noise. SO many thoughts and ideas I wanted to pass on. To share.

This then is draft 4. And this is all I’ve got…

Today, I am tired. I am tired and my body says…go slow.

It takes such courage to go against the ‘shoulds’ our mind would try to have us believe. It takes a bit of “eff you…stop shoulding all over me”.


Yes, I ‘should’ be folding washing.

Yes I ‘should’ be finding and sorting the shit load of socks that seem to literally have brains and are playing hide and seek.

Yes I should be at the supermarket getting supplies for the week.

Yes I should be changing the world..

Yes I should be doing something else….


And then, I ground myself into this moment. The kids are playing outside on their bikes. Making signs to help the roads flow smoothly.

I’m warm on a coldish winters day.

I can hear the birds chirping outside.

I am tapping away, expressing myself creatively on my Mac.

And all of a sudden, I notice that there is no should, but rather a bunch of ‘coulds’.

I could be folding washing I just choose this right now.

I could be finding and sorting socks, but I choose this right now.

I could be at the supermarket and I probably will be soon, but right now I choose this.

Right now, there is no where else to be other than right here. Right now. And in that truth, I feel like I can slowly move if I choose.

That when I am done here, I could pop on some music and fold the washing and have that done.

And if I don’t make it any further than that, I am still ENOUGH.

I am replenishing my soul cup, one drip at a time.

And when I press publish, I have filled some of my cup.

This then, is a reminder to ‘slow the eff down’. You are doing enough. YOU ARE enough.

Now, that is enough. Exhale. Might go and lay down now! HA!!

Big, big love



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