Recently on school holidays, we went to a theme park. School holidays and theme parks = lots of waiting in queue.


Thing is in queue, you can see where you are headed. You know at the end of the wait you will be on an awesome ride, exhilarating, fun, energising, adventurous…so you wait.
Before you know it, you look back up the queue to where you have come from and you see that you have come such a long way. You have struck up conversations along the way, dreamed with the kids about what it will feel like, told stories to the kids about what we did at their age….
And then you are there……it is time for the ride.
I think I have been on many in this life….
I have explored A LOT of personal growth material in the last 10 years.
The courses, training, eCourses, the workshops, the books, the coaches, therapists, youtube views, TED talks…you get the point.
After all that searching, standing in queues for the ‘next ride’, right now, I can tell you this is my truth….
Self kindness and self warmth is THE thing that just makes THE most sense to me! That is the ride I want to take and never get off of!
Since finding Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and Buddhist teaching I have really seen how much of my life I spent being REALLY mean to myself.
The excessive deprivation in my diet. The excessive exercise that hurt me. The dysfunctional “busy, busy” that I thought was how we were worthy of love and belonging….
Taking good care of ALL the aspects of myself is my journey. My life long mission. My love.
All the dark and all the light.
AND doing it with kindness and self compassion!


My brain is currently being entirely re-wired and while it is a little awkward, it just FEELS right.
This is what it REALLY means to me to EXPAND MY HEART SPACE.
When I started my FB blog/page Expanding the Heart Space, I really didn’t know what it meant to expand the heart space, in fact, I can’t even tell you why I chose that name….
Although, now, as I become clearer and clearer on my life mission, I kinda doesn’t surprise me.
Self kindness, self compassion, self love are all great concepts intellectually, but as a recovering head-liver I am really learning what it means to be kind to myself.
I’m loving this new journey inward. It is a LOT clearer than it has ever been.
Today, I see that I have been waiting in a queue and engaging with many learning opportunities along the way. I didn’t know what the ride was I had signed up for, and
The next part of my ride is just beginning and I gotta say…I am excited, nervous, self doubting, self comparing, AND self loving!
All of it is awesome!
I’ll let you know what I find from THIS leg of the adventure.
Big love to you

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