So, I had lunch with the Dalai Lama. Ahhhhh.

Yes, I know you know I didn’t ‘really’ have lunch with him, but it’s just so cool to write. There are some things I may never be able to say I have experienced but at lunch time, Friday the 12th of June, I sat in a big space with a big energy, the Dalai Lama. Here is the first part of my take on our lunch ūüėȬ†Entree. xx

Every time I consider going to ‘see’ a presenter, or ‘hear’ a teacher, I have noticed a couple of things happen.

First, I get excited about the possibilities that may come from it! My tummy does a few flips and I am genuinely excited by what I might learn! I do fast little claps, and sometimes even do a little spin with a big grin (no I am not a poet, but that was cute huh?)

Second, there is a kinda standard mind chatter that sounds like this,”Enough already…you know enough, you’ve seen enough, you have SPENT enough. What do you really think you are going to get out of it? You have heard it all before. You are such a ‘unfulfilled seeker'”.

*sigh* You can imagine that after all that chatter there isn’t a lot of hand clapping and spinning or grinning going on. I am usually left feeling flat. Like I am not good enough. Like I ‘shouldn’t’ want what I want.

Darn mind chatter. Always wanting me to stay small and safe.

I love you mind chatter. You are safe. I am safe. Now sit quietly while I book the tickets to the Dalai Lama!


Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have booked them though. I would have succumbed to the noise. I would have believed my thoughts. I would have hung my head and felt all, poor me. I would have been stuck and I probably would have dragged others in to my poor me state, just¬†so I could have a right old pity party!!

Fast forward to today, something has changed. And up until recently, I didn’t really know what it was. After listening to a little blurb¬†

 by Dr Demartini I got it.

I KNOW what I VALUE. AND because of that, I can make choices quickly that align with my values.

One of my top values is SPIRITUAL GROWTH. I have dreams about opportunities to expand my growth. I look for experiences that contribute to that. I open myself up to learn from others about it. I am curious about it. I know what is IMPORTANT TO ME.

So, what else did I learn from the experience with the Dalai Lama…BE where you love. DO what you love. LOVE what you LOVE.

I LOVE WHAT I LOVE and I LOVE LEARNING from others AND I love sharing that with others! 

So, until I move onto the next realm, I will continue to learn. TO seek learning opportunities. I LOVE it and don’t consider it a chore!

What do you love? What is most important to you? Do you live what you LOVE? Do you allow yourself to LOVE what you LOVE?

I’d LOVE to hear. Your experience helps me honour one of my top values! So share away!!

Oh and if you want to get some clarity about what is REALLY important to you, I’d love to help you with that. We can chat in person or over Skype. Just fill in the form below…

Big love and see/hear you soon. x

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