I had lunch with the Dalai Lama…here is part 1 of what I am still digesting….

I had lunch with the Dalai Lama last week. On Friday. Well, had lunch with might be a stretch. I sat in a big arse theatre with the Dalai Lama at lunch time. Regardless of the ‘details’, I sat in the space with the Dalai Lama. Far out!


I was raised in a family that really didn’t ‘do’ religion. I went to a Catholic school and learnt all about heaven and hell. How much of a sinner I was. I laugh when I recollect the innocent me who sat outside the confessional, uncertain of what sins I had actually committed. At some point I made the decision to ‘make something up’ so I had something to say (otherwise known as lying..oh the irony). I mean, we were told repeatedly how sinful us bunch of humansย were, so surely I had some sins..right?

I have journeyed long and hard to really get a grip of this ‘spiritual’ stuff. The ‘religious’ stuff. In all the texts I’ve explored to date, I have found there are things that resonate and things that don’t..including spiritual, religious and non-religious text.

My quest to ‘fully understand’ the ways of the universe, the god stuff, the heaven and hell stuff, whether Angels and ghosts exist, if there is an afterlife and if so where is that – has presented many interesting opportunities for me to question what ‘they’ tell us.

My “need to understand and prove and/or disprove stuff” I have come to see has been a prohibitive factor in me putting my book out there, putting myself out there, speaking my own truth.

I have been afraid that I might be saying the ‘wrong thing’, just like I have felt a lot of my religious exposure was for ME.

At lunch with the Dalai Lama there were protestors standing outside chanting a catchy tune in disgust of his Holiness’s view on some of this particular new Buddhist sect’s practices. Apparently, the Dalai Lama said something that clearly DID NOT resonate with this group. They made that known.

What? The Dalai Lama doesn’t say stuff to make everyone happy?

What? People disagree with him?

What? People don’t like a Nobel Peace Prize recipient?

The Dalai Lama responded with a really simple comment about his dislikers. He said, “I have a moral obligation to speak what I believe to be true. No one should believe anything I say in blind faith. They must question and make sense of it themselves”.

Buddah said something similar thousands of years ago. I say it often before anything I say when I am facilitating groups. BUT hearing it and seeing it on Friday…..

Far out!!!

This was game changing for me.

I have been afraid that if I say something and someone believes me…what if I am wrong? What if I haven’t gotten it right and have lead people astray? What if I let them down?

Boom! Insert huge onion peel layer awareness!




NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE ME and nor should they.

Should that stop me from doing what I love? Should I stop exploring the world and sharing my observations with others in the hope it may help them uncover more of their own beauty, uniqueness and gifts?


If people don’t like the Dalai Lama, a man of huge compassion, love and humbleness then I take it as a compliment if people don’t like me or agree what I say! That is their own beautiful business…not mine!

SOOO many insights from this one lunch chat with the Dalai…can’t wait to share more of them with you – if you want to listen.

As always, I am interested in your experience. Are you concerned about what people think of you? Do you want to be liked so much that it stops you speaking your truth? Love to hear!

Big, big love!


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