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I had lunch with the Dalai Lama – dessert

So, I had lunch with the Dalai Lama. Ahhhhh.

Yes, I know you know I didn’t ‘really’ have lunch with him, but it’s just so cool to write. There are some things I may never be able to say I have experienced but at lunch time, Friday the 12th of June, I sat in a big space with a big energy, the Dalai Lama. Here is the first part of my take on our lunch ūüėȬ†Entree. xx

Every time I consider going to ‘see’ a presenter, or ‘hear’ a teacher, I have noticed a couple of things happen.

First, I get excited about the possibilities that may come from it! My tummy does a few flips and I am genuinely excited by what I might learn! I do fast little claps, and sometimes even do a little spin with a big grin (no I am not a poet, but that was cute huh?)

Second, there is a kinda standard mind chatter that sounds like this,”Enough already…you know enough, you’ve seen enough, you have SPENT enough. What do you really think you are going to get out of it? You have heard it all before. You are such a ‘unfulfilled seeker'”.

*sigh* You can imagine that after all that chatter there isn’t a lot of hand clapping and spinning or grinning going on. I am usually left feeling flat. Like I am not good enough. Like I ‘shouldn’t’ want what I want.

Darn mind chatter. Always wanting me to stay small and safe.

I love you mind chatter. You are safe. I am safe. Now sit quietly while I book the tickets to the Dalai Lama!


Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have booked them though. I would have succumbed to the noise. I would have believed my thoughts. I would have hung my head and felt all, poor me. I would have been stuck and I probably would have dragged others in to my poor me state, just¬†so I could have a right old pity party!!

Fast forward to today, something has changed. And up until recently, I didn’t really know what it was. After listening to a little blurb¬†

 by Dr Demartini I got it.

I KNOW what I VALUE. AND because of that, I can make choices quickly that align with my values.

One of my top values is SPIRITUAL GROWTH. I have dreams about opportunities to expand my growth. I look for experiences that contribute to that. I open myself up to learn from others about it. I am curious about it. I know what is IMPORTANT TO ME.

So, what else did I learn from the experience with the Dalai Lama…BE where you love. DO what you love. LOVE what you LOVE.

I LOVE WHAT I LOVE and I LOVE LEARNING from others AND I love sharing that with others! 

So, until I move onto the next realm, I will continue to learn. TO seek learning opportunities. I LOVE it and don’t consider it a chore!

What do you love? What is most important to you? Do you live what you LOVE? Do you allow yourself to LOVE what you LOVE?

I’d LOVE to hear. Your experience helps me honour one of my top values! So share away!!

Oh and if you want to get some clarity about what is REALLY important to you, I’d love to help you with that. We can chat in person or over Skype. Just fill in the form below…

Big love and see/hear you soon. x

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I had lunch with the Dalai Lama…here is part 1 of what I am still digesting….

I had lunch with the Dalai Lama last week. On Friday. Well, had lunch with might be a stretch. I sat in a big arse theatre with the Dalai Lama at lunch time. Regardless of the ‘details’, I sat in the space with the Dalai Lama. Far out!


I was raised in a family that really didn’t ‘do’ religion. I went to a Catholic school and learnt all about heaven and hell. How much of a sinner I was. I laugh when I recollect the innocent me who sat outside the confessional, uncertain of what sins I had actually committed. At some point I made the decision to ‘make something up’ so I had something to say (otherwise known as lying..oh the irony). I mean, we were told repeatedly how sinful us bunch of humans¬†were, so surely I had some sins..right?

I have journeyed long and hard to really get a grip of this ‘spiritual’ stuff. The ‘religious’ stuff. In all the texts I’ve explored to date, I have found there are things that resonate and things that don’t..including spiritual, religious and non-religious text.

My quest to ‘fully understand’ the ways of the universe, the god stuff, the heaven and hell stuff, whether Angels and ghosts exist, if there is an afterlife and if so where is that – has presented many interesting opportunities for me to question what ‘they’ tell us.

My “need to understand and prove and/or disprove stuff” I have come to see has been a prohibitive factor in me putting my book out there, putting myself out there, speaking my own truth.

I have been afraid that I might be saying the ‘wrong thing’, just like I have felt a lot of my religious exposure was for ME.

At lunch with the Dalai Lama there were protestors standing outside chanting a catchy tune in disgust of his Holiness’s view on some of this particular new Buddhist sect’s practices. Apparently, the Dalai Lama said something that clearly DID NOT resonate with this group. They made that known.

What? The Dalai Lama doesn’t say stuff to make everyone happy?

What? People disagree with him?

What? People don’t like a Nobel Peace Prize recipient?

The Dalai Lama responded with a really simple comment about his dislikers. He said, “I have a moral obligation to speak what I believe to be true. No one should believe anything I say in blind faith. They must question and make sense of it themselves”.

Buddah said something similar thousands of years ago. I say it often before anything I say when I am facilitating groups. BUT hearing it and seeing it on Friday…..

Far out!!!

This was game changing for me.

I have been afraid that if I say something and someone believes me…what if I am wrong? What if I haven’t gotten it right and have lead people astray? What if I let them down?

Boom! Insert huge onion peel layer awareness!




NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE ME and nor should they.

Should that stop me from doing what I love? Should I stop exploring the world and sharing my observations with others in the hope it may help them uncover more of their own beauty, uniqueness and gifts?


If people don’t like the Dalai Lama, a man of huge compassion, love and humbleness then I take it as a compliment if people don’t like me or agree what I say! That is their own beautiful business…not mine!

SOOO many insights from this one lunch chat with the Dalai…can’t wait to share more of them with you – if you want to listen.

As always, I am interested in your experience. Are you concerned about what people think of you? Do you want to be liked so much that it stops you speaking your truth? Love to hear!

Big, big love!


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Ppppppffffftttthhh. Yep…you read it right!


That is the sound I feel like making at the moment to represent my…exhaustion! My kinda current feeling and really, all I feel like I can muster!

This human is…tired!¬†

2015 was intended to be a productive year! And, well it has been….ish.

After close to 10 years of caring for the daily needs of at least one child, this year, each day, I have had a few hours to dedicate to me and the creation of the stuff I love.

The result?

Total. Trucking. Too. Much. On. My. Plate! Which of course, I have added!

While being the predominant carer for our small tribe of kidlets, I crazily thought that when #3 wen to school, things would get less hectic. Less busy. Less.

Pft. Let me say…it hasn’t been!

Finally, I slowed down to really notice my chatter. The monkey mind. Busy. Grasping. Gripping.


My beautiful-ego-protective-fearful-head talk of late sounds a little like this…

“Do you practice ANYTHING that you preach?”. “Why haven’t you worked all this shit out yet?”. “You’re failing all over the shop”. “You’re letting people down”. “You’re not doing enough”. “So many people have it worse off than you”. “Jeezus, what the hell are you doing?”.

Which then of course allows my mind to find evidence of my “failings”.

Insert¬†friends that feel neglected. Jobs half attended. A yoga course that really does just challenges me. A business that is sllllllooowly growing. A bank account that is NOT sllllooooowwly growing…or fast growing for that matter. A husband that is super supportive and legitimately wants my attention. 3 lots of homework. Clothes that need washing ALL THE TIME (nudist camp considerations at the moment). A house I love but jeezus it’s a big house to maintain. A garden I love and yep…maintain!

Aaaaand breath.

Through all the introspection and inward journey I have done, this is what really resonates with me….

Annnnnnnd breath.

Here is what I come back to and HAVE to keep coming back to:

Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements:


1. Be impeccable with your word

Say only what I mean. Avoid using talk against myself or to blame others for my circumstance. Use my word in the direction of love and truth (kinda why I am posting this).

2. Don’t take anything personally

Nothing others do is because of me!! What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When I am immune to the opinions of others, I won’t be a victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t make assumptions

I must find the courage to ask questions and express what I really want. Communicate with others clearly to avoid misunderstandings and drama.

4. Always do your best

My best is going to change from moment to moment. It is different if I am well slept and well hydrated to when I am not. Under any circumstance, when I do my best i can calm my ego to avoid self judgement, self abuse and neglect…oh and regret!!

So, as I work through my pppppfffftttthh phase i take comfort in that it is a phase. A moment in time. An opportunity to really tune in to what is important and a time to give myself a frickin break!

I am DOING THE BEST I CAN….and the best I can at the moment is to sit here and write! Boom!

So there ego. Take that one my friend.

If you are experiencing a moment such as mine, here is some super love to you! Oh…and please reach out if you need a hand…I’m with you! We can navigate this together!!

After all…we’re all in this together!

Speak kindly to yourself.

Big, big love



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What yoga teacher training is teaching me…and it isn’t what I thought it would!

Among other things, I am a yoga student. Studying the ancient philosophy of yoga.


How zen I must be hey? How balanced I must be? How horizontal and chilled out I must be? All that bending, breathing, learning….

Pft. Well, here is the truth that I am experiencing that is far from all of those things!

I decided to become a yoga teacher. I had bounced it around a lot over the years I have been a student of the beautiful art. I made the decision finally because it aligned so well with all my other skills. I am naturally physically flexible, so the asanas I felt I could get a big tick for. I studied anatomy and physiology at university, so knew that that would be a cinch. I love it. It’s great for me. I’d love to share it with others. It will fill my love of learning. I can teach it to the kids! What is to lose…right??

I thought I would learn poses and some history of the ancient philosophy. Some kids yoga, pregnancy yoga, a bit of sanskrit. I honestly thought with all my prior learning, I would find it a breeze!

The road to Moksha, enlightenment, self awareness I have come to see is not a beautifully scented, soft stroll. For me it is filled with all manner of rocky paths, thorn covered flowers, self doubt, self criticism, rejection, and swamps….lots of swamps.

Thankfully, before I started the study of yogic philosophy I had picked up a lot of life skills through other various studies that have helped me to better navigate rough terrain. I say thankfully, because I actually wonder if I hadn’t have had those skills if I would have pulled out of my course. Yep, thats right…I might have bailed!

What I thought wouldn’t be that challenging for me in the beginning has proven to be ¬†yet another opportunity to explore where self love and love of others is absent. I have had to see more dark that resides in me and learn to accept it instead of reject it.

I have felt incredibly frustrated at times, just wanting to ‘get it done’. I have been confused with the content. Overwhelmed by the need to be able to pronounce asana names¬†like Kandharasana, Dhyana Veerasana, Uddiyana Bandha.


I’ve had to listen to the voice of my ego speak so loudly at times I surely thought I would run. “You are not good enough to teach this, you can’t even say Marmanasthnam Kriya….and what is that asana anyway?”, it would say. “Everyone else seems to get this stuff”. “No one else is as confused as you”. The drone goes on….

Breath for eff sake! Breath! Relax your shoulders and breath girl. gentle reminders I am having to constantly employ!

And maybe that is it! Just breath! It is the only true thing that sustains my life here! Without it,¬†next life….

So, for this life, all the learning I have had up until now, is useful to live a full and deep life….because that is what I want this time around.

So doesn’t it make sense that because I want to live the fullest and deepest and expansive life, I would call experiences that provoke and promote that?

To really infuse myself with the fundamental philosophy of yoga. The assumption that mind, body, spirit are all one and cannot be separated.

I can laugh at the self who signed up for this life expanding course 6 months ago. Committed to learn so I could teach. Truth is, I think I signed up to teach so I could learn.

The learning has only began (again). Wait until I am on the mat looking out to a bunch of humans all their for their own particular experience! Breath girl, breath!

We are always drawing in life experiences to help us get closer to our real truth. The truth that we are all magnificent and we all matter. All of us and all of our lives matter.

Whether I continue with my studies (which I will) or not (which I won’t) I can take the knowledge I have already learnt and apply that. I am so thankful for the amazing people I have met on this journey. People who have added such vibrancy and colour. o much more depth! How lucky am I? And to study with a beautiful teacher who truly embodies yogic philosophy. One of loving compassion.


I take comfort in the knowing that when it comes time to review my life, I will look back and say, yes, I am so pleased I chose all those learnings. What a full on, amazing, colourful, uncomfortable, love filled life that was!

As uncomfortable as it is for me at the moment, I have lived long enough to know it will pass. I will feel the discomfort, welcome it in even and then…keep moving forward. Always toward the light (god I hope it isn’t a train coming in the tunnel)!

I am reminded…no thing is wasted. No experience occurs that is NOT for us. IT IS ALL for us. And for this experience to date…I am grateful!!

Big, big love and if you have made it to here….seriously! How awesome you are!