I love playing in the garden.

I never thought I would write or say such words up until the last few years. I used to be the queen of plant neglect and kinda, “water, you need water??? Urgh, you are so high maintenance”.

Since having some space in the forest, a house that is nestles by greenery, I have become quite interested in how nature works. How it thrives.

Yesterday, I went to Bunnings and bought fertiliser for the plants. Winter can be harsh and some extra support for our thriving garden seems appropriate. Today, I fertilised.

While I was out playing in the garden, fertilising, pruning, weeding, I was reminded of a conversation I was having with a friend recently. As we sat, exploring the external jungle that is her world at the moment, we both kinda nodded when the following stuff fell out of my mouth.

Affirmations may seem like all woo, woo and stuff and that they feel like they are fake and not real, but just like drinking green juices and nourishing food creates a foundation for wellness, so too is speaking kindly to ourselves. It fertilises the mind for positive things to grow”.

Admittedly, there are some affirmations (a statement of what you believe to be true) that just feel ick to me. They really feel woo woo and not fitting at all to me…solution..don’t use THOSE ones!


Maybe we can make up our own. Maybe using light fertiliser to begin. Maybe a simple, gently….not to strong that when you say it you want to puke! What about something like, “I am willing to look at things another way”…said daily. Or hourly. Or when we stop at a red light (hey…the good thing about that affirmation at lights is that soon it WILL look another way).

Maybe you could repeat throughout the day, “How awesome my body loves the sun or rain, or moisturiser”. “I am filled with reproducing cells and I can impact their happiness with how I think”. Or even, “Life is an adventure”. Just positive sentences! Fertilising the mind.

So, as always I am curious, do you use affirmations. Do you speak kindly to yourself regularly? Does it feel false to you? Maybe you could share some of the affirmations you use in the comment section below…that would be cool!!

What if starting to speak to yourself in a kind way creates a nourished soil for amazing thoughts to grow. To create? To share? To care? To give back?

What if affirmations are a gateway to seeing the world a little brighter? An opportunity to feel better? What if it changed the way you felt about yourself, your life and everything in it?

How is the garden of your mind? A good way to gauge it is what is happening in your external world…life is good like that. Often our outer world gives us a reflection of our inner world.

Is it rich, vibrant and healthy?

Oh and to answer the question…woo, woo, poo, poo…or brain kung fu…it’s poo, poo…like manure! And woo, woo isn’t bad, just a gentle way for people to see self kindness..that’s how I see it anyhoo 😉

Love to hear

Big, big love




  1. Yes, some affirmations are a bit ‘woo woo’, in my opinion – like sitting in front of the mirror & looking deeply into my own eyes & telling me that I love me….. However, affirming that I’m gonna have a good day, or I can do this, or it’ll be ok…. Those types of positive things. Mindfulness not to say the negative things. Baby steps…. 😘

    1. Mirror work…powerful stuff!! 😉 Yes, I hear you Rosa, mindful of how we use our language to affirm how we want to behave in the world…POWERFUL practice. Affirming: “I love this learning life adventure”!! Big love. xxx

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