What was your schooling like?

Were you encouraged to collaborate with others or did you have a sense that you were in competition with others?

Did you learn about how to manage relationships? Personal? Work? Intimate?

Were you encouraged to explore your own individual way to grow?

Were you inspired to find your gifts and use those gifts to create a whole, connected environment?

What did you parents teach you about cultivating your gifts.

Do you feel like you have any gifts?

Talents? What are they?

Strengths? What?

Are you now as an adult not really sure what your gifts are and how you really want to contribute to the world?


Check out this Piece I found on Oprah.com and see if anything stirs in you?

Chances are, you are already living your purpose you just haven’t had the space to really explore it and channel it the direction you really want to head.

Open Up to Your Life Purpose

Do you know what you life purpose is, or are you still wondering…”why am I here?”

Love to hear

Speak kindly to yourself

Big love



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