When I started to feel more peace in my life, I wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted to give this gift I had been cultivating away. To anyone. To everyone.

I have often joked I am a slow learner, and in recent times I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that I learnt EXACTLY at the pace I needed too (thanks Bel 😉 ).

SO…it has taken me quite a while (and still learning the balance) to really head the truth. The truth that I have come to see is that EVERYONE IS EXACTLY WHERE THEY NEED TO BE IN THEIR JOURNEY.

I desperately wanted to speed up the ‘awakening to peace’ for so many. Kinda going at it at break neck speed wanting to ‘save’ everyone from their own self hate and misery!

Flash to today.

Today, I still get ‘messages’ of sorts that I want to pass on to people and mostly I do. What has changed is that I no longer obsess over the ‘whereabouts’ others are on their journey. And I no longer take it personally if I have done work with them, or healing, or counselling, or coaching, or workshopping AND they are still miserable.

I learnt an extremely valuable piece of wisdom from Byron Katie who says, “if you are trying to take care of everyone else’s business, who is looking after yours?”.

Freedom in that for me.

When I get a message to pass on, or have a connection with someone in a moment, I act and then I let it go (practicing this anyway).

You can share your love, your experience, your desire to help others, but if they are not ready to act, to hear, then that is their business.

If you do it with the intent to ‘change’ someone, then you are judging them as ‘not good enough’ and intending to fix others will take you out of your own self love cultivation space.

So if you are surrounded by people who look at you like you are a freak for wanting a fuller and more rich life, don’t judge them as stupid, or asleep, or not as evolved as you. Just love them and keep being your beautiful self. No need to run around looking for people to fix, make better!

Lighthouses just stand and shine….be a light house!


You don’t need to hang out with people who belittle and judge you…life is too short.

Be with them, love them, no fixing, but back to you…are the people you are with inspiring you to live your best life or are they spending time gossiping about others, pointing out what is wrong with other people, the world, the food, the sky….

You know the people when you come away from an interrelation with that leave you feeling better about yourself…spend more time there! Love is contagious. Authenticity is contagious. Realness is contagious!

Don’t go around looking for people to fix, if you are, you are looking to fix yourself! They are not broken. You are not broken. We are ALL right where we need to be!

I am off to a dictionary play off with a bunch of beautiful souls and I KNOW that is RIGHT where I need to be!

Have you struggled finding a team that really “gets you”. Have you got a tribe that you are totally free with?

Love to hear.

Big, big love



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