For a long time, my brain has been searching around for a box to put me into.

A box that defines who I am and what I do. A nice little title that sums me up.

My brain hasn’t found it….and I am pretty sure it has moved on out of sheer frustration 🙂

My inner knowing on the other hand, well it has it sorted. It knows that there is no one title that I sit in or feel defined by.

I notice my body prickle at the question, “So, what do you do”?

My heart would race, I’d get uncomfortable, I’d want to desperately want to change the subject and talk about them….

I used to judge the person who asked that question, thinking they were so small minded. Didn’t they know there was so much more to me than a title? Didn’t they know that “what we do is just a tiny bit of who we are?”

Well, no of course they didn’t or the wouldn’t have asked right??

So, now, instead of making them wrong for asking that question (which is totally their right) I’ve started to answer, “Can I tell you what I love to do?”.

43be7296599a6ee36d808b7d319faa35    image from the pioneer woman.com

100% of the time so far, a wide eyed “yes” has been the reply.

I did this recently on a trip away and was talking with someone about, hmmm, what were we even talking about? Well, whatever it was, my answer – whatever that was – prompted them to say, “Oh….right….you are a teacher”….

I went silent.

A teacher?

Our minds are beautiful things, always trying to attach meaning to everything. To keep us safe and help others to feel safe to. And my mind wanted to say, “no, I am not a teacher”, and my heart and soul said, “Ahhh, my sweet, while you may not like the title teacher, you do in fact impart knowledge based on your experience”.


To me and my experience, the word teacher boxes me. Yet to say “I impart knowledge to help people really understand their amazingness” well, that feels expansive and limitless.

You may think, “well, that is just semantics!” and you may be right.

[I’d love to hear how YOU respond to that question. Is it easy? Do you love to talk about it? Do you get squirmy like me? Please comment below…]

But for me and my little brain, my biggish heart and my unending soul, it works for me.

Part of my purpose here on the planet this time around, is to use my key strength as a collector of personal growth tools and information is to share that with others. To pass on what I love.

My approach will not be for everyone. I know this because there is not ONE single person in the planet who has given me all of my knowledge…how could there be? Many, many people have passed on their knowledge and wisdom to me and so my gift to those who want it, is to pass on that to them.

I say to new clients – “DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING I SAY. If something resonates with you, deep in your heart, mind or soul, it is for you, if not, it isn’t. I’d encourage you to feel into what we experience together and use it to expand your own journey”.

I am not the holder of ALL the information, nor would I ever want to. It is so much more fun if we all share our gifts and my love is to help people unwrap their own unique gift to give to the world. The unique gift that is THE REAL YOU!

As someone who loves to teach this stuff, I can only do my part. I can share all of the ‘stuff’ until I am blue in the face, but if someone chooses not to act…that is their business and their journey…not mine…and that is perfect!!

So, I hold the door open. I will hold space for your discomfort and comfort. I don’t push or pull you through it. I would though, love to walk through it with you in my imperfect and always growing way.

Big, big love



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