My husband loves the Eagles. The band. You know the one that was around a hundred years ago (kidding of course).

In the past I have given him heaps about his like of this old time band. Made fun of him. The songs. The ‘out of date-ness’. “Pft, so out of touch”

Insert head hanging in defeat….

I gotta admit it though, the Eagles have some uber awesome songs and some brilliant, heart touching lyrics.

As you read the lyrics of this Eagles song, really hear them in your heart. Today. this is my message to you.


Maybe play the song along in the background as you read the words.

Let me know what you felt. xx

Biggest of big love to you!

“You Are Not Alone”

Say goodbye to all your pain and sorrow

Say goodbye to all those lonely nights

Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows

Now you’re standing in the light

I know sometimes you feel so helpless

Sometimes you feel like you can’t win

Sometimes you feel so isolated

You’ll never have to feel that way again

You are not alone

You’re not alone

Never thought I’d find the road to freedom

Never thought I’d see you smile again

Never thought I’d have the chance to tell you

That I will always be your friend

You are not alone

You’re not alone

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