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Affirmations: woo, woo poo, poo or brain kung fu?

I love playing in the garden.

I never thought I would write or say such words up until the last few years. I used to be the queen of plant neglect and kinda, “water, you need water??? Urgh, you are so high maintenance”.

Since having some space in the forest, a house that is nestles by greenery, I have become quite interested in how nature works. How it thrives.

Yesterday, I went to Bunnings and bought fertiliser for the plants. Winter can be harsh and some extra support for our thriving garden seems appropriate. Today, I fertilised.

While I was out playing in the garden, fertilising, pruning, weeding, I was reminded of a conversation I was having with a friend recently. As we sat, exploring the external jungle that is her world at the moment, we both kinda nodded when the following stuff fell out of my mouth.

Affirmations may seem like all woo, woo and stuff and that they feel like they are fake and not real, but just like drinking green juices and nourishing food creates a foundation for wellness, so too is speaking kindly to ourselves. It fertilises the mind for positive things to grow”.

Admittedly, there are some affirmations (a statement of what you believe to be true) that just feel ick to me. They really feel woo woo and not fitting at all to me…solution..don’t use THOSE ones!


Maybe we can make up our own. Maybe using light fertiliser to begin. Maybe a simple, gently….not to strong that when you say it you want to puke! What about something like, “I am willing to look at things another way”…said daily. Or hourly. Or when we stop at a red light (hey…the good thing about that affirmation at lights is that soon it WILL look another way).

Maybe you could repeat throughout the day, “How awesome my body loves the sun or rain, or moisturiser”. “I am filled with reproducing cells and I can impact their happiness with how I think”. Or even, “Life is an adventure”. Just positive sentences! Fertilising the mind.

So, as always I am curious, do you use affirmations. Do you speak kindly to yourself regularly? Does it feel false to you? Maybe you could share some of the affirmations you use in the comment section below…that would be cool!!

What if starting to speak to yourself in a kind way creates a nourished soil for amazing thoughts to grow. To create? To share? To care? To give back?

What if affirmations are a gateway to seeing the world a little brighter? An opportunity to feel better? What if it changed the way you felt about yourself, your life and everything in it?

How is the garden of your mind? A good way to gauge it is what is happening in your external world…life is good like that. Often our outer world gives us a reflection of our inner world.

Is it rich, vibrant and healthy?

Oh and to answer the question…woo, woo, poo, poo…or brain kung fu…it’s poo, poo…like manure! And woo, woo isn’t bad, just a gentle way for people to see self kindness..that’s how I see it anyhoo 😉

Love to hear

Big, big love



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Do you know what your gifts are and do you share them with the world?

What was your schooling like?

Were you encouraged to collaborate with others or did you have a sense that you were in competition with others?

Did you learn about how to manage relationships? Personal? Work? Intimate?

Were you encouraged to explore your own individual way to grow?

Were you inspired to find your gifts and use those gifts to create a whole, connected environment?

What did you parents teach you about cultivating your gifts.

Do you feel like you have any gifts?

Talents? What are they?

Strengths? What?

Are you now as an adult not really sure what your gifts are and how you really want to contribute to the world?


Check out this Piece I found on Oprah.com and see if anything stirs in you?

Chances are, you are already living your purpose you just haven’t had the space to really explore it and channel it the direction you really want to head.

Open Up to Your Life Purpose

Do you know what you life purpose is, or are you still wondering…”why am I here?”

Love to hear

Speak kindly to yourself

Big love



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Lighthouses Don’t Run Around Looking for Boats to Save

When I started to feel more peace in my life, I wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted to give this gift I had been cultivating away. To anyone. To everyone.

I have often joked I am a slow learner, and in recent times I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that I learnt EXACTLY at the pace I needed too (thanks Bel 😉 ).

SO…it has taken me quite a while (and still learning the balance) to really head the truth. The truth that I have come to see is that EVERYONE IS EXACTLY WHERE THEY NEED TO BE IN THEIR JOURNEY.

I desperately wanted to speed up the ‘awakening to peace’ for so many. Kinda going at it at break neck speed wanting to ‘save’ everyone from their own self hate and misery!

Flash to today.

Today, I still get ‘messages’ of sorts that I want to pass on to people and mostly I do. What has changed is that I no longer obsess over the ‘whereabouts’ others are on their journey. And I no longer take it personally if I have done work with them, or healing, or counselling, or coaching, or workshopping AND they are still miserable.

I learnt an extremely valuable piece of wisdom from Byron Katie who says, “if you are trying to take care of everyone else’s business, who is looking after yours?”.

Freedom in that for me.

When I get a message to pass on, or have a connection with someone in a moment, I act and then I let it go (practicing this anyway).

You can share your love, your experience, your desire to help others, but if they are not ready to act, to hear, then that is their business.

If you do it with the intent to ‘change’ someone, then you are judging them as ‘not good enough’ and intending to fix others will take you out of your own self love cultivation space.

So if you are surrounded by people who look at you like you are a freak for wanting a fuller and more rich life, don’t judge them as stupid, or asleep, or not as evolved as you. Just love them and keep being your beautiful self. No need to run around looking for people to fix, make better!

Lighthouses just stand and shine….be a light house!


You don’t need to hang out with people who belittle and judge you…life is too short.

Be with them, love them, no fixing, but back to you…are the people you are with inspiring you to live your best life or are they spending time gossiping about others, pointing out what is wrong with other people, the world, the food, the sky….

You know the people when you come away from an interrelation with that leave you feeling better about yourself…spend more time there! Love is contagious. Authenticity is contagious. Realness is contagious!

Don’t go around looking for people to fix, if you are, you are looking to fix yourself! They are not broken. You are not broken. We are ALL right where we need to be!

I am off to a dictionary play off with a bunch of beautiful souls and I KNOW that is RIGHT where I need to be!

Have you struggled finding a team that really “gets you”. Have you got a tribe that you are totally free with?

Love to hear.

Big, big love



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My brain wanted a little box for me….


For a long time, my brain has been searching around for a box to put me into.

A box that defines who I am and what I do. A nice little title that sums me up.

My brain hasn’t found it….and I am pretty sure it has moved on out of sheer frustration 🙂

My inner knowing on the other hand, well it has it sorted. It knows that there is no one title that I sit in or feel defined by.

I notice my body prickle at the question, “So, what do you do”?

My heart would race, I’d get uncomfortable, I’d want to desperately want to change the subject and talk about them….

I used to judge the person who asked that question, thinking they were so small minded. Didn’t they know there was so much more to me than a title? Didn’t they know that “what we do is just a tiny bit of who we are?”

Well, no of course they didn’t or the wouldn’t have asked right??

So, now, instead of making them wrong for asking that question (which is totally their right) I’ve started to answer, “Can I tell you what I love to do?”.

43be7296599a6ee36d808b7d319faa35    image from the pioneer woman.com

100% of the time so far, a wide eyed “yes” has been the reply.

I did this recently on a trip away and was talking with someone about, hmmm, what were we even talking about? Well, whatever it was, my answer – whatever that was – prompted them to say, “Oh….right….you are a teacher”….

I went silent.

A teacher?

Our minds are beautiful things, always trying to attach meaning to everything. To keep us safe and help others to feel safe to. And my mind wanted to say, “no, I am not a teacher”, and my heart and soul said, “Ahhh, my sweet, while you may not like the title teacher, you do in fact impart knowledge based on your experience”.


To me and my experience, the word teacher boxes me. Yet to say “I impart knowledge to help people really understand their amazingness” well, that feels expansive and limitless.

You may think, “well, that is just semantics!” and you may be right.

[I’d love to hear how YOU respond to that question. Is it easy? Do you love to talk about it? Do you get squirmy like me? Please comment below…]

But for me and my little brain, my biggish heart and my unending soul, it works for me.

Part of my purpose here on the planet this time around, is to use my key strength as a collector of personal growth tools and information is to share that with others. To pass on what I love.

My approach will not be for everyone. I know this because there is not ONE single person in the planet who has given me all of my knowledge…how could there be? Many, many people have passed on their knowledge and wisdom to me and so my gift to those who want it, is to pass on that to them.

I say to new clients – “DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING I SAY. If something resonates with you, deep in your heart, mind or soul, it is for you, if not, it isn’t. I’d encourage you to feel into what we experience together and use it to expand your own journey”.

I am not the holder of ALL the information, nor would I ever want to. It is so much more fun if we all share our gifts and my love is to help people unwrap their own unique gift to give to the world. The unique gift that is THE REAL YOU!

As someone who loves to teach this stuff, I can only do my part. I can share all of the ‘stuff’ until I am blue in the face, but if someone chooses not to act…that is their business and their journey…not mine…and that is perfect!!

So, I hold the door open. I will hold space for your discomfort and comfort. I don’t push or pull you through it. I would though, love to walk through it with you in my imperfect and always growing way.

Big, big love



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So he MAY have been on to something…..

My husband loves the Eagles. The band. You know the one that was around a hundred years ago (kidding of course).

In the past I have given him heaps about his like of this old time band. Made fun of him. The songs. The ‘out of date-ness’. “Pft, so out of touch”

Insert head hanging in defeat….

I gotta admit it though, the Eagles have some uber awesome songs and some brilliant, heart touching lyrics.

As you read the lyrics of this Eagles song, really hear them in your heart. Today. this is my message to you.


Maybe play the song along in the background as you read the words.

Let me know what you felt. xx

Biggest of big love to you!

“You Are Not Alone”

Say goodbye to all your pain and sorrow

Say goodbye to all those lonely nights

Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows

Now you’re standing in the light

I know sometimes you feel so helpless

Sometimes you feel like you can’t win

Sometimes you feel so isolated

You’ll never have to feel that way again

You are not alone

You’re not alone

Never thought I’d find the road to freedom

Never thought I’d see you smile again

Never thought I’d have the chance to tell you

That I will always be your friend

You are not alone

You’re not alone