It takes courage to follow the path of your heart.

It takes courage to journey to find what the path of your heart is.

It takes curiosity. An openness and a kinda, “I can’t know for sure” attitude in the world.

I used to be a skeptic. And, still, there are things I kinda go…”hmmmm, not so sure about that level of ‘woo, woo’. And yet, I do love A LOT of ‘woo, woo’.

I don’t know what happens after we die. I don’t know if angels really exist. I don’t know if there is a being that exists outside of us. I don’t know if what ‘they’ say is true.

What I do know is I hold a 1% space for the ‘possibility’ there is.

I hold the 1% space for the possibility that all people may live in love one day.

I hold 1% space for the possibility that my siblings will one day forgive me for my different-ness and imperfectness.

I hold 1% space for the possibility that my being here may leave a positive ripple in the sea of humanity.

I hold space that we all might be healed of our pain and suffering and be able to love fully.

I only need to stay open to the possibility. That is who I am. A holder of possibilities. A never say never-er.

I am practicing to remain always open, even if the tiniest bit for infinite possibilities to exist.

It is a practice, because I didn’t always feel like this. So I practiced right fighting. Righteous “I know all”..Beautiful learnings I had in that space.


Are you open and curious or are you “so sure” about so many things that there is no space to expand in to the possibilities.

Or, were you closed and righteous like me and now explore another way?

Love to hear.

Big, big love



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