Sometimes when you are going through a touch patch, it is challenging to look around and feel like everyone else has their lives sorted.
You can feel isolated, like you have done something wrong to attract all this crappy stuff, that you just can’t seem to ‘cut a break’ while all the while there are these people who have is sweet as!
What I have noticed in my own life, is now that I have tools to apply to my life WHEN I am going through a tough patch, because I will, the tough part is transformed into a gift A LOT faster than it did before I knew what what ‘really’ going on.
My giving back, my gift to the community around me is using what I have learnt, to help others navigate the tough patches when they happen.
Ultimately, this is what tough patches are for. They strengthen your calling to be of service.
They are A PART of the journey. Not excluded from it.

If you can just pop your head out of the muck for a moment you may see that what is happening now, is actually happening for you. It is gifting you with an opportunity to learn and to grow and to contribute.
If you need some light on it, open up to support from a teacher, a coach, a therapist, a trusted friend, a healer, a guide….sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees…one of those people is in a helicopter and can see down what is happening..
Your teacher will show when you are ready to support you on your spiritual path.
Be kind to yourself
Big, big love


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