Among a bunch of interests I have, one of them is building community with like hearted people.

For the past few years, I have been facilitating a beautiful book club called Soul Readers. We meet once a month and discuss books that have the capacity to help us grow, love deeper and question how we do life.


Prior to starting this group, I had never been a part of a book club, or more honestly, a growth group. We started with a few friends and it has grown mostly by word of mouth.

Recently I have expanded my experience and started another Book Club. This kinda took me out of my comfort zone as I was launching in to a space where I potentially knew no one and no one knew me. Little daunting.

After our first connection, I knew I would be fine and that we would attract the kind of people we wanted to create community with.

Due to illness, I was unable to make the last book club (out of comfort zone one) and so one of the other group members stepped up and facilitated. How awesome and brave is that?

Anyway, we met recently to debrief over the meet up. During that beautiful connection I was told that a few of the members were a bit upset. “Whoa”, I thought. Really? “What is happening?” I asked our co-organiser.

Some of our little group were particularly upset after finding out that some attendees of our first connection had gone off and created another group similar to the one I have created and had invited them to come and join them…to them it felt like betrayal. Like they were being poached. That the integrity of those other soul readers was not intact.

“Hmmmm” I thought.

As I sat, I immediately felt what our precious members were feeling.

But here is the thing.

I don’t own anyone and I am not responsible for what they may do or not do. The choices they make…well I trust wholeheartedly they are the choices best for them. My business is not what they decide, but what I decide.

So, while I completely understand why they felt a bit betrayed I also felt kinda “yeah baby”.


If I have inspired another person to have the courage to step out and create a space where people feel welcome, feel like they may learn something, may grow…then YES! That is so cool.

The world needs more teachers who create space for community. For connection. For love. For growth.

I trust that everyone who seeks to connect with me, it is FOR me AND for them. I trust that there are different teachers for different people at different times. I don’t own anyone nor would I want them to only seek to learn from me and me only.

Sure, for a split second my ego may have said, “Gasp, really, they stole my idea?” but I have listened to my ego long enough to know it is a part of me that wants protection, validation, approval and says, “it’s mine” to know that it isn’t a loving place…it is a fear place it comes from.


I’m getting more practiced in moving from a love place.

Imitation is a compliment. As long as I focus on creating what I love, and not what others may or may not be doing with it, my work is done!

I am curious. Have you ever done something and felt like your idea was ‘stolen’ or something similar? How did you perceive it? What did you learn from it? Love to hear your wisdom.

Speak kindly to yourself

Big, big love




  1. A while ago I too would of so jumped to “how dare they” now, I totally see it how you see it! compliment all the way baby!!

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