For the past few years, among many things that have interested me, the afterlife has certainly been up there on the exploration.

Those who know me well are used to me talking about all kinds of weird and whacky things, exploring and discussing spirits, guides, angels, raw food, psychological issues, mental illness, plants for the garden, music, community issues, social observations, what happened to Jesus when he died ‘for real’…curious musings on if we are real, or imagined. If there is one universe or parallel universes…am I here? Where is here? Where do we go after here?

A lot of what I talk about, is not to have a firm opinion but rather, just to explore. Be curious. Be open. Expand instead of contract. Never believe I know it all. Vivaciously inquisitive.


I notice when I am curious, when I am exploring I am open. Not fixed in my thinking and closed. Not “this is right, that is wrong” kind of thinking. More, “hmmmm” contemplations. I haven’t always been this way though and by gosh I can humanly slip back into righteous knowing instead of creative curiosity in the click of a trigger finger.

So, anyway the afterlife thing. This curiosity has taken me on an exciting journey of exploration.

In my curiosity, there are still some things that have taken me a while to really allow myself to experience and many more I have little desire to experience….at this moment. But who knows later.

Past life regression is one such experience.

2 years ago, I felt ready to have a go. Not to take it seriously, but be willing and open to have an experience. That was all.

Honestly, I don’t know if it was entirely real. I don’t know if it was my imagination, or if it was in fact a direct experience with the remembering of where my soul or energy had been before it was in this body.

I wonder though…. Every experience we choose to encounter has the potential to expand our life experience maybe? To help us live a life that really matters? A life of openness. Of curiosity. Of connection. This feels true for me at least.

The mystery of life after death has intrigued generations. The actual truth is, we have no real evidence of what happens when we leave this physical plane. Just ideas. Just trust in what others have said about what they believe to be true. I wonder if it is a bit like the interpretation of religion? Another blog on that maybe?

Since that regression 2 years ago, I have read many books and articles on what happens when we die. Books about near death experiences (NDR’s), where people recount their experience of what happened when their hearts stopped and then they started again. Raymond Moody was seen to be a pioneer who opened up the conversation about really exploring what happens when we die. In his book “Life After Life” Raymond shares with us multiple experiences of those who have seemingly been pronounced dead and then have started breathing again…including his own personal experience.

I found it fascinating and really pondered the possibility that there was a chance something did exist after this.

I continued to explore. More books like “Proof of Heaven”, “Journey of Souls” (which incidentally turn out to be required reading for my yoga teacher course…I know!!).

Then yesterday watching one of my fave interviews by Oprah with Jon Kabat-Zinn I had one of those beautiful moments that Oprah coined “Ah-ha” moments (those who know me know Oprah is my biggest mentor and role model and I have a deep and profound admiration for her service to the world…so any chance to talk about her I am on it [hehe])


Oprah asked, as she does of most of her Super Soul interviewee’s, “What happens when we die?”

**I’ve been trying for the past 20 minutes to get to the part in the interview where Jon responds to this question, but, it won’t let me. So, I’ll give you my interpretation of what he said. Go here for the full interview:**

What I heard him say was,

I’m not so concerned about that, but more concerned if I am living a life that matters here. Every moment.


I definitely say that my experience exploring the possibility of life after life has been a lot of fun. Has given me a lot of experiences that I love. Thing is, I don’t feel so compelled to explore the depths of it so much now….right now. Who knows in the future.

See, last night I heard the call again.

I heard the call to attention. On my reason for being here. It is to be here. To REALLY BE here. To notice THIS experience. Each experience. Each connection. Each laugh. Each smile.

To REALLY take in the colours. The smells. The sounds. To cut carrots and notice I am doing that. To hear the typing on the keyboard as I create this. To notice the interruptions in my human plan. To realise that nothing out there is more powerful than what is in here. Holding my hands on my heart. To live AWAKE. Really AWAKE. Mindful. Really mindful. Notice the beauty in all.


My mindfulness practice is to ‘drop in’ and check how present I am being through the day.

Am I in the shower and really in the shower, or am I in the car on the way to school instead? Am I in the shower with the water and the steam and the sound and the soap, or am I planning my route after school drop off? Where am I through out the day? Am I awake to what is happening? Am I engaged with what I am doing or am I off thinking about something in the past or something in the future? Where am I? Am I here?

This earthly experience…I notice it is a trip! A buzz-filled trip!

I reckon you will really love this interview with Jon.

As always…I’d love to hear what your experience and learn from you!

How about you?

Speak kindly to yourself.

Big, big love



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