There are topics that I could literally speak about ALL day long if there people willing to listen. Seriously…ALL day long! Things I love to explore. Love to dive deep into.

This awareness helps me understand my soul calling. What I am here to do while I am here this time around.

I am super clear why I am here on this planet.

For me personally, it is to learn, to grow, to teach….and repeat. To create connected communities. To help people. To love.


I didn’t always ‘know’ this, although some may argue that we always know we just don’t listen.

It has been a journey of great adventure to discover my gifts.

Many of us wonder, what is my gift or my gifts?

Many of us get paralysed my the silence that presents when we ask that question of ourselves.

As soon as we ask that question, our problem solving mind goes into task mode. Looking around for answers. Looking at others and wondering, is that my gift that they have? Are all the gifts taken?

We start to compare ourselves to others. We tend to think of gift as something freaky or jaw dropping.

If this is you, and feel like you still are not clear on who or what you want to be when you grow up, you are on the path to discovery.

“The purpose of life is to find your gifts and then give them away”. Pablo Picaso

Here are my 6 ways to start to spiral to the centre of our calling.

1. Instead of using the word gifts, change it to strengths. What are my strengths? What am I really good at? Hosting a party? Talking to strangers? Making people laugh? Fixing broken electronics? Social media navigation? Networking? Drawing pictures? Bringing people together? Attending to detail orientated tasks? Updating a blog? Finding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Keeping a house immaculate? Managing your health well? Helping people in tough times? Supporting people make decisions that best suit them?

2. Give space to your mind that says, “you have no strengths”. That my friend is absolute BS. Everyone of us has strengths!

3. Consider what you love to talk about. When someone starts talking about that topic, you want to share your experience with it. If you are at a party and you start talking to them, and you could talk about anything you wanted to, what would you talk about?

4. Follow your curiosities. What is it you are most curious about? Are you curious about the vibrational magnitude of foods? Or about where has the greatest population of octogenarians? Or maybe you are curious how to paint a landscape.

5. If you are in a library, and you are looking around, just for you, what books do you move toward consistently?

6. If I spoke to someone who knew you, they would say, “oh they are so good at…….”.

7. Pay attention to what you feel most drawn to spend your money on. Personal development courses? Clothes? Good wine? Books? Raw food courses? Health foods? Cruises? What, if you had more money would you spend it on not as a necessity, but just because you could.

8. What is it when you are doing it, you just wish would keep going and going because it feels so amazing? Working out? Riding horses? Sitting in the forest? Meeting new people? Writing stories? Dancing? Talking about relationships? Sleeping? Yoga? Pilates? Flying in an aeroplane to far away places? Eating healthy foods? Sex? Singing?

I’d love if you shared your experience below and your strengths. Your experience may shine a light for the journey of others!

Do you know why you are here? What your soul purpose is?

This is a PROCESS of unfolding of self awareness. Some people have that awareness early, some later. It isn’t a competition but a beautiful journey TO ourselves FOR ourselves and others.

If you want some more support to really get clear on your unique super power, you know where you can find me.

Speak kindly to yourself.

Big, big love



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