Human beings fascinate me. They do.

And I wonder if they all do. I don’t know ALL humans, yet when we use words to describe groups we make judgements about all of that group.

Yesterday in the supermarket, two women entered the store behind me. I heard one of the women say, “People are so stupid”. To which the other woman said, “Why?” I didn’t hear the reply, but I walked away thinking…”I am people, you are people…are we really all stupid?”

Of course she didn’t mean that all people are stupid. What she really meant was, “I want to engage with you and tell you about an experience I had, do you want to hear?” Instead, she lead with “people are stupid”.

We want connection. A lot of us are just in a habit of talking smack about people to engage with others.

Words are powerful energies.

I wonder. Are words of harsh judgement helpful to our own lives?

How often do we review experiences we have had with a single person and then lump all other people into that same group.

We had a messy break up. All men are shit.

A few people who believe their hurtful thoughts and kill people in the name of god. Religions are dangerous.

Someone was having a bad day and delivered maybe not so great service. Waiters at that place are shit.

Politicians are dicks.

They like to read books. Nerds.

They wear jingly, jangly, bell-like things and have long hair. Pot-smoking hippies.

People who dress up and have fun! Attention seekers!


Words are thoughts expressed.

The words we use can limit our life experience. Can close us off. Shut us down because we have already made up our minds about ‘them’.

Really, do we know ‘them’?

Maybe that catholic is awesome. Maybe that man is compassionate. Maybe that politician has integrity. Maybe that hippie has life wisdom to share.

Irrespective of what ‘they’ are….I can ask, “Am I behaving awesome. Am I compassionate? Do I live with integrity?” And if the answer is yes, then I am not concerned about what anyone else is doing or not doing. I am focussed on being more kind to me, and more kind to others. I just keep doing that. I don’t give my power away to another to bring me down or cramp my positive buzz.

Maybe if we stop looking around ready to judge people, we can see that they are as imperfect as us…and can we love them anyway?

Can you catch yourself judging? Can you hear yourself grouping people?

How can you use your words to be more kind? More kind to yourself, and more kind to others?

Do you have a tendency to group people based on an individual experience you had?

Love to hear

Big, big love.



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