Our Soul Reader book club is still exploring the beauty and discomfort of Brene Browns, “The Gifts of Imperfection” Couple of jumpy outy kinda parts for me today! b50707f2546543b78f06f9292c8dd80a “Joy is as thorny and sharp as any of the dark emotions”. “When we lose our tolerance to discomfort, we lose joy”.

“We can’t make a list of all the ‘bad’ emotions and say, “I’m not going to numb these” and then make a list of positive emotions and say, “I’m going to fully engage with these”.

As someone who used to numb ‘bad’ emotions I know this to be true for me. Until I REALLY started to feel again, to start to allow the discomfort of feeling pain, hurt, neglect, self abandonment to really show up, I was sleep walking. Putting on a face of “all is well” but completely out of integrity with myself.

What I showed everyone else, I knew was a lie. A lie only to myself. A painful truth to acknowledge.

I don’t recommend doing the ‘un-numbing’ on your own. It gets dark at times and when you are on your hands and knees sometimes you need someone to hold the torch. If you are struggling, put your hand up.

We can reach in and hold you. As a team, we can wade through the murky shame swamp.

Big, big love Jen Leanxx

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