Well Hello Fellow Life Traveller

Helllloooooo to YOU!

I’m Jen and I’m glad you stopped by to check me out. Size me up. Get an inside view.

Or maybe you are here because you too are a wayfinder (helping others find their way as you find yours), human helper, a like minded soul.
Why ever you stopped by, I am glad you did and would love to hear from you…personally I don’t believe it was by accident you are here!

When people ask me what I ‘do’ I usually want to say, “whatever I feel lead to”. And then watch the faces of folks go blank.

I call myself a Life Coach. Or a Dreamweaver. Or a Wayfinder. Or a Human. And honestly, it still feels a little clunky to call myself any of those.

I’ve never been a fan of putting people in a box. Naming them. Labelling them. More honestly, I have never liked it being applied to myself.

I feel like we are all so much more that the labels we give ourselves. And actually, that is the stuff I am most intrigued by.

Mostly, in this life I have longed to do something meaningful in the world, in my own  unique way.

And in order to do this work, I first had to create a meaningful world for myself. And I continue to work on this in my own life as well.

I’ve been formally trained in Universities.

I’ve been trained by pain and loss. By abuse. Rejection and betrayal.

I’ve been trained by elders and healers and thinkers and creatives.

ALL of it is life teaching me! 

And the same is true for you!

You and your journey through life has profound information that can help you and help others to live an authentic and meaningful life.

No two life paths are the same. Ever. Similar yes, but never the same. 

You in your life as me in mine, have the opportunity to take all of our experiences and use them to serve other folks on their life journeys.

For real.

All of it.

Folks who find themselves here and in my workshops or one on one coaching, I have found are actually a lot like me.

They aren’t pretending to have all their shit together.

They feel this strong inner pull to help themselves and other folks end suffering, in any way they can.

They wish to be better versions of themselves as parents, partners, colleagues, friends.

Working and being in ‘old way’ just doesn’t vibe with them anymore.

They are sensitive folks. They are often sad when they look out into the stuff that is happening in the world and wish it could all just be better.

They love creating stuff, like ideas, stories, cakes (although I am not one of those creatives I gotta say) but don’t often recognise it as being valuable and important.

They are obsessed and/or committed to finding life purpose and mission. “Why am I here?” is a question they ask themselves..sometimes a lot!

They have suffered with depression or anxiety or both. They have suffered from debilitating health conditions at various stages of their lives.

If those things feel like you, then we are on the same life team. Yay!


My work is really designed to meet you where you are right now. In all it’s colour or grey.

To help you explore your inner landscape to reveal un-discovered gifts that the world desperately calls for. Especially now, as the world gets more confusing and uncertain.

To teach you skills to help you navigate your truest most authentic life. Life your way…not the way you think is ‘should’ be, or the way I think it ‘should’ be. YOUR WAY.

The plan is to help you find a sense of ease with your life experience and to help you thrive in your own authentic and unique life.

Through workshops and retreats I facilitate, you also get to connect with other like hearted souls and reveal who else is on the team of human helpers, who can support each of us on our own unique life paths.

That’s me in the pic below! Photo taken by a professional photographer no less! I know right? But that is me. Pretty real. Down to earth. Flawed and human.

Jen 03

Methodologies and Magic

I use a whole bunch of…(what’s another name for tools?).

Hmmm. I use a whole bunch of  magical gifts that I have inherited along the way and put in my very pretty (imaginary) gift box ready to be passed on to you.

And because each person is different, I use any number of modalities depending on what your soul calls for.

Modalities I may employ are:

  • art
  • counselling
  • chants
  • mantras
  • affirmations
  • stories
  • dance
  • song
  • rituals
  • breath work
  • inner child exploration
  • energy healing

SO much of my work is intuitive. Meaning, that when we work together, I might have a plan of how we are going to work and then I get a feeling from something you have said, and we head off in a completely different direction.

If you are still here…maybe you want to know more about me? Sweet! And thanks for hanging in here.

This is where I tell you about my back story. I love a backstory, don’t you?

Well, that’s me in the photo on the left there! Just like the one above! I feel like I should be waving or something!


Like you, I am doing the very best I can, humaning.

The Backstory Part
Before I had children
, I was a child expert. No, really, I was. Parenting was a piece of cake according to me!

Eldest of 3 with 7 years between me and my brother and 11 years with my sister.

Mum had difficulties with Bipolar Disorder and my father had difficulties with his drinking (not like drinking out of cup). The drinking of alcohol and abusing his family kind of drinking.

When my folks separated when I was 12, I kind of took the default spot of holding the second parent reigns.

All of this stuff, was the beginning of my ‘HUMAN HELPING’ stuff. 

At 13 and 9 months I started my first part time job (earliest legal age at the time or I would have started earlier).

I worked in my,  “Hi, welcome to red Rooster, can I take your order please?”, job all the way through high school. I contributed to the house hold expenses.

More human helping training.

At this age, I also found out ‘officially’ (because I always had a strong intuitive hunch) that my dad who I though was my dad, actually wasn’t! Exhale on that one!

At 14 I found myself in foster care with my brother and sister when my mum required hospitalisation for a Bipolar episode.

At 15 I was living out of home ( I had to go to court and all for that to happen), sharing a place with a woman and her 2 children. I rode my bike to school and “Hi, welcome to Red Rooster……” and the gym…where my exercise addiction began.

At 16 I moved back home with my mum. Became a vegetarian and went to a gym that put me on an 800cal a day diet using shakes! FFS. Wish I could go back and slap those idiots.

Full fledged eating disorder ensued.

At 18 I was the Youth Group Leader of children 13-16 at the local Salvation Army. Human helping.

At 21 left home again and drove my car 900kms north to start my new job as a Registered Nurse. H.H.

Run toward your dreams

22 flew to the USA & worked in Upstate New York as an ‘outdoor educator’ for a while with kids between the ages of 13 and 16.

Returned home after a brief stink in the UK.

24 I packed my little Hyundai Excel and I travelled around Australia. I drove the Nullabore in one go (not recommended btw).

I ended in Perth with no place to stay, and a beautiful single mother stranger took me in. She had a 9 year old.

Spent some time in the emergency department and paediatric department of Kalgoorlie Hospital.

Met a boy.

Then more travelling.

Got engaged.

Settled in Melbourne for a while. I trained and worked with High Risk Offenders (prisoners and violent offenders) in the Community…UM…massive human helping training!

Moved to Brisbane and worked as a Clinical Research Officer for a Cardiologist.

Got un-engaged to boy.

Annnnnnd met my husband!

Moved again. Married. Built a house. Bought a business. Had a kid.


SO, when it came time to have kids at age 29, I thought I would be all over it. I’d had enough training to know what it took to do this mummy business.


Woah-man did I lose my shit. My shizzle. My me. 

This little tiny person human helping had me in a spin! BIG SPIN!

I was stuck in four walls much of the time like most new mumma’s are.

Then 6 months into my first mummy experience I fell pregnant. DOn’t let them tell you breast feeding is contraception. So after no. 1, no. 2 arrived.

Then 18 months later, no.3!


I was busier than I had ever been, had the kids, the family, the house, the car…but I felt completely fucking lost.

I WAS completely lost…so fucking cliche right?!


“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within the dark woods-where the straight way was lost”
(Dante Alighieri)

So, what did I do?

Well, first I pushed my partner away and pretended everything was ok.

In public I was the mum who completely had her shit together. But in private. No. Fucking. Way.

I was exhausted.. And instead of resting when the kids did, I did more. More cooking. More cleaning. More folding. More tidying up little peoples mess.

Not long after we had our 3rd bubba, and were looking to build another house, I just knew. A deep knowing….I have to find another way. “This is fucked”!

My relationship was failing. My head was doing itself in. I felt like a slave to the shitty nappy. I felt crap. But not the kind of depressed thing…more of a “fuck this, there has to be a better way” thing.

I would have to find a way. And the stubborn, incredibly independent and cynical shit that I was, I had to find my own way. As exhausted as I was.

I started at the library.

I took the kids along to those “someone else to read to my kids bizzo” that they hold there for parents who can’t bare to read another story to their own kids.

I borrowed some books FOR ME.

When the kids were asleep (and awake) I read books on mindfulness (Oh and have you seen Jon Kabat Zinn’s books??? They are massive), mediation, mothering, relationships, positive psychology, womens health, career stuff.

I started reading things on line about how to be a better mother. Better person.

How to find your passions. What your bliss is. What you love.

I read Buddhism for Mothers. I re-read Simple Abundance. I read about mediation. I read about mindfulness. And I read, and I read. I went into my little bubble of an existence. Like  sponge. I soaked it in.

I wrote. A LOT. Like wrote and wrote and wrote shit down. Burnt a lot of it. But wrote a lot down!


Little by little, I started to shift. Stuff started to shift. And I knew it was time I had to go ‘in here’ *pointing to chest*.

Motherhood introduced a turing point for me. I had changed in a way that was either going to break me or it was going to be the biggest adventure of my life. Honestly, it was a lot of both!

11100968_10152895696821689_6259649750687323709_nI have read more self help, spiritual, personal growth books than is probably legal. I started a personal growth book club so we didn’t just read them and have a party on our own, we discussed them, shared our stories and grew.

I have attended too many personal growth workshops to mention…and again, if it was illegal, I’d be doing time!

I did my certificate in Life Coaching.

Our relationship nearly ended so we ended up in Therapy!

Therapy…get therapy! I love therapy!

I became a yoga teacher student and reconnected with my body.

I started to blog and affirm how much I love to write.

I started presenting personal growth, creative, healing workshops and facilitating groups.

I developed and facilitated Soul Oxygen Retreats held in the beautiful Byron Bay Hinterland.

All this while loving my kids and encouraging them to live their own unique experience too.

Recently I joined a singing group.

And next year, a dance group *update..that didn’t go as planned..but watch this space*!


…..and I don’t want you to be the stubborn shit that I was. I want to help you human…...

No matter where you are on your life travels! 

We’re in this together

If you are not sure we are a ‘fit’:

There are SO many amazing support folks out there and I reckon you have found me for a reason. But, if I were you, I would want to check out the person I would have helping guide me through this transition phase.

I offer one on one sessions in the flesh or over the ‘interweb’ 😉 

So, lets organise a chat. A FREE chat. A chat to see if I can give you what you need and see if we can work together to create a full and vibrant life. Not just a ‘meh’ kind of life.

Fill in the contact box below under my pic to go through to my email and then we can arrange a FREE 30 minute Skype or Zoom hook up to see if I am someone who can help you in your ‘decision’ to live your best life!

Kids and all!

Looking forward to hearing from you! 



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Big, big love.

Qualifications and stuff:

Mum to 3 kidlets (7,9,10)
Yoga Teacher Student: Peace Yoga Burleigh
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Practitioner
Published Author: Inspirational Bible
Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Certificate IV in Community Corrections (VIC)
Certificate IV in Work Place Training and Assessment (QLD)
Personal growth book addict
Workshop Facilitator
Team Builder
Life Lover
10 years exploring anything personal development!
I love aqua and you can see me wearing it in the picture at 
the top of this page :)