“When you reach the end of your life, and wondering whether it has been worthwhile, you’ll be measuring whether you did everything you possibly could with the gifts that you have been given”. Gay Hendricks

Hello and welcome! I’m Jen! Hi!

Let me introduce myself in a pretty short and less wordy kind of way (I like to use a lot of words usually).

~ I’m an imperfect human-woman first.
~ A mum & wife.
~ Visionary, Crusader, Educator
~ Personal Growth Facilitator
~ Women & young women’s group and retreat facilitator.
~ A deeply compassionate and intuitive human who is passionate about supporting folks accept and become the person you want to be.

I hold a Bachelor of Nursing. A post graduate certificate in Women’s Health. Am a certified Life Coach & Emotional Anatomy Practitioner. I am also trained in A.C.T Therapy.

I have completed more personal growth and spiritual development courses than I can name here.

I have read more personal growth books than I think is legal.

And I am in a mission to help women (and men) reconnect with their inner wisdom. A skill not many of us were taught. And have some fun, in this humaning adventure!

My work is to share resources, tools, and intuitive insights that will help you create the life you love. Here, we chant..”progress, not perfection”.

Jen 04.jpgI help women uncover their true gifts using personal growth facilitation to help women to learn to truly and really accept themselves. I am passionate about gathering like souled folk with the intention to learn and grow.

Whether I am the facilitator & teacher or someone else is.

I love facilitating women’s workshops and retreats.

My current favourite workshops I love facilitating are Mother and Daughter Creative Connection Days, Your Passion Your Purpose Day, The Women’s Gathering and our Soul Oxygen Retreat.

Everything I do is centred around personal growth and development.

The thing that allows me to create a business and life that I am excited about, is my insatiable curiosity about humans and about what we are all capable of. And, at my core I just love being of service.

I started my career as a Registered Nurse, graduating from Griffith University. I worked in a variety of settings and specialties. From Emergency nursing in Kalgoorlie to Paediatric Nursing in Townsville to Oncology Nursing on the gold Coast to research co-ordinting in Brisbane. I loved the variety, flexibility, learning and helping people. But there was always this little thing..this little feeling that this nursing thing…it wasn’t how I was ‘truly’ meant to help…and wasn’t my calling.

I did a Post Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health, knowing I loved working with women…but wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with it! Of course, I get it now….

Knowing that nursing wasn’t my true calling, I ventured into a few other areas along the way.

In America I worked as an Outdoor Educator, taking kids aged 12-15 out camping in Upstate New York. That was an adventure an a half…but wasn’t my calling.

Coming back to Australia after a brief stint in the UK, I began working as a Community Corrections Officer in Melbourne. Working with high risk offenders in the community. Offering services to help them integrate into [the workforce. I’d also spend time  assessing and writing reports about prisoners who were applying for parole…but it wasn’t my calling.

After travelling around Australia, I settled in Brisbane where I met my husband. I was working as a Clinical Research Assistant for a Cardiologist where I ran clinical trials and supported folks to improve their health outcomes….but it wasn’t my calling.

Then I had children.

Insert radical life change!

3 kids in 3 years! Yikes!


After having children, I had to make a decision. Whether to return to nursing, or find another way to help people that fulfilled me. I didn’t know what I would do. I knew I LOVED working with people. LOVED being of service and LOVED creating life on my own terms.

I considered retraining in Psychology but when I researched it, the statistical analysis and head exploration didn’t have me too excited.

In a random (hmmm, maybe not so random) series of events, I was introduced to Life Coaching. Something I knew very little about, but was so curious about.

I have always had an insatiable interest in a lot of things. And if I am honest, for most of my life, I just couldn’t find somewhere that I ‘fitted’. I couldn’t find a title that really vibed with me.

Those who know me know, I am super excited and passionate about so many things. Like really excitable. It is part of my personality and something that has taken me a while to really embrace. I used to think I had ADHD because of all the things I have done and am interested in.

So many thing that may not even feel like they belong together.

Things such as: Music. Meditation. Dance. Personal Growth Books. Entrepreneurship. Spirituality. Parenting. Psychology. Writing. Travel. Technology….and that isn’t even all of them.

Mostly, in this life I have longed to do something meaningful in the world, to make a difference, to help people re-discover their uniqueness. And I do that, in my own  unique way.


I am here to serve.

“During our time together I have evolved from a girl to a women!  I came to Jen for help and she’s helped me turn my whole life around.  I learnt to love me, and break through the prison that I held myself in. She was there with me every step of the way.  Jen challenged me and made me look inside, I had to go through some beasts and some miracle’s all so today I stand tall, I float on my feet and I dance like I’ve never danced in my life before.  Jen helped me work to achieving the best part of me every day just by sharing your gifts with me.  She makes me smile when she sends me a song that is truly meant for me in that moment.  Jen make me feel alive when she questions me about what I am hammering myself about and reminds me I am human and that I can be with my moments and feelings.

The caterpillar has evolved into a heart-full butterfly!   Nerissa.

I’ve been formally trained in Universities. Both undergraduate and post graduate.

I’ve been trained by pain and loss. By abuse. Rejection and betrayal.

I’ve been trained by elders and healers and thinkers and creatives.

I’ve spent time being employed as an Outdoor Educator, a Waitress, Retail Assistant, a Registered Nurse, Community Corrections Officer, Research Co-Ordinator and a mum to 3 delicious kids.

I’m good at what I do because I get it. Like, please hear me……I really get it.

I get that life can feel really unfair sometimes. Like REALLY unfair.

I get what if feels like to be hurt, lost, betrayed, disconnected, overwhelmed, frustrated. Burnt out. Physically in pain. Emotionally in pain. Spiritually in pain. I get it. I really do!

I get what it feels like to wake up and go, “Is this it?”

I also get that life happens in it’s always unpredictable ways. And along the way I have accessed tools and methods to help me navigate. Like a compass in the wilderness. Or locating my own North Star. And that is what I want to share with you!

My real gift though, is helping you develop a vision of another way. Allowing space for you to see your real talents. Your real gifts. Your true self. Your heart self. I really just hold a torch and shine a light on how amazing you are.

More and more, my love is doing this in group settings. The magnetic elevation that happens in group is just so powerful and I want to spend more time there! I’d love if you were there too.


“Jen provides a beautiful place to “just be” to “grow”, to “learn” to “feel” without “judgement”. I love attending Jen’s open hearted sessions. I also come away with learnings, tools and my cup is full. I am looking forward to attending more of these sessions in the future with Jen”. (SL)

My work is really designed to meet you where you are right now. In all it’s colour or grey and to help you move toward creating a life you love, using your own unique gifts and talents.

To help you explore your inner landscape to reveal un-discovered gifts that the world desperately calls for. Especially now, as the world gets more confusing and uncertain.

To teach you skills to help you navigate your truest most authentic life. Life your way…not the way you think is ‘should’ be, or the way I think it ‘should’ be. YOUR WAY.

The plan is to help you find a sense of ease with your life experience and to help you thrive in your own authentic and unique life.

Through workshops and retreats I facilitate, you also get to connect with other like hearted souls and reveal who else is on the team of human helpers, who can support each of us on our own unique life paths.

“There are no airs of graces and no smoke screens. She is totally the real deal. Be prepared to dif deep down and pull out things that you didn’t even know were there. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable. It will make sense in the end. You will come away from her teachings feeling much more at ease with the journey we call ‘life’ “. (AL)

The photos of me on this website were taken by a professional photographer! I know right? But that is me. Pretty real. Down to earth. Flawed and human.

Us humans…we’re in this together

Methodologies and Magic

I use a whole bunch of…(what’s another name for tools?).

Hmmm. I use a whole bunch of  magical gifts that I have inherited along the way and put in my very pretty (imaginary) gift box ready to be passed on to you.

And because each person is different, I use any number of modalities depending on what your soul calls for.

Modalities I may employ are:

  • counselling
  • inquiry
  • mantras
  • affirmations
  • stories
  • dance
  • song
  • rituals
  • breath work
  • inner child exploration
  • energy healing

SO much of my work is intuitive. It is my superpower. Meaning, that when we work together, I might have a plan of how we are going to work and then I get a feeling from something you have said, and we head off in a completely different direction.

Really, we just deal with stuff that shows up when we connect.

“I was recommended to see Jen by a friend when I was struggling with some relationship issues. She has this way of asking the right question at the right time and then it seems to undo everything. In a good way. I’m happy in my relationship and accept that there are different ways that we each receive love and give love. What a relief. I’m so glad to have had the experience”. S.K Burleigh Heads

Like you, I am doing the very best I can, humaning.

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within the dark woods-where the straight way was lost”
(Dante Alighieri)

Little by little, I started to shift. Stuff started to shift. And I knew it was time I had to go ‘in here’ *pointing to chest*.

Motherhood introduced a turing point for me. I had changed in a way that was either going to break me or it was going to be the biggest adventure of my life. Honestly, it was a lot of both!

11100968_10152895696821689_6259649750687323709_nI have read more self help, spiritual, personal growth books than is probably legal. I started a personal growth book club so we didn’t just read them and have a party on our own, we discussed them, shared our stories and grew.

I have attended too many personal growth workshops to mention…and again, if it was illegal, I’d be doing time!

If you are not sure we are a ‘fit’:

There are SO many amazing support folks out there and I reckon you have found me for a reason. But, if I were you, I would want to check out the person I would have helping guide me through this transition phase.

I offer one on one sessions in the flesh or over the ‘interweb’ 😉 

So, lets organise a chat. A FREE chat. A chat to see if I can give you what you need and see if we can work together to create a full and vibrant life. Not just a ‘meh’ kind of life.

Fill in the contact box below under my pic to go through to my email and then we can arrange a FREE 30 minute Skype or Zoom hook up to see if I am someone who can help you in your ‘decision’ to live your best life!

Kids and all!

Looking forward to hearing from you! 



Give me a tingle or text on the phone:


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Big, big love.

Qualifications and stuff:

Mum to 3 kidlets (8,10,11)
Yoga Teacher Student: Peace Yoga Burleigh
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Practitioner
Published Author: Inspirational Bible
Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Certificate IV in Community Corrections (VIC)
Certificate IV in Work Place Training and Assessment (QLD)
Personal growth book addict
Workshop Facilitator
Team Builder
Life Lover
10 years exploring anything personal development!
I love aqua and you can see me wearing it in the picture at 
the top of this page :)


  1. Hi Jen, I met you and Rosa today in the Flannery’s depot. I have joined the book meetup group and set to follow your blog via email. Love your website, philosophy and your “joi de vivre”
    Love and light,

    1. 🙂 I love the synchronicity of this Jonelle.

      As Rosa would say, “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

      I look forward to seeing you again soon. xx

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